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    Meaning of this Obama symbol?



    What does his round red-white-blue symbol or sign mean?



    I think the global shape means global unity at the end, but since the colors used now are the same as in the US flag, it initially means just unity within USA.



    The blue circle around edge is for HOPE - Obama gives HOPE and CHANGE and includes all people in the USA in a common, goal, in  HOPE, leaving no one out.



    The white background means that all will have equal rights, like the whites have enjoyed until OBAMA's CHANGEs TAKE PLACE.. Everyone will be on the same footing with whites.



    Everyone is color blind, and that is good!



    The red and white stripes which begin at the right, most of them move across the center to the left and become wider there -



    these symbolize the transfer of wealth



    from the Right  - from the few (Conservatives)



    to the Left  - to the many (Liberals).



    Notice that the topmost red arch ends up at the same horizontal line from right to left. That means equal distribution of weath across the nation.



    But also note that the bottom is all red. There will always be the poor, just like Jesus said,  but they will share equally in the wealth.



    I bet if you split the image in half from top to bottom, and then calculate the total of all red surface areas in  each half -- you end up with equal red areas on both sides.



    That is the reason for the large red area on the bottom right: eaqual wealth on both sides, from top to bottom.



    Obama said ,after talking to Joe Plummer about tax increases or decreases in the plumbing business, out of the blue but from his heart:



    "I think when you spread the wealth around, it's good for everybody."



    And that my fellow earthlings is the only statement in politics which fully explains the truth as THE ONE has planned it.





    Talk about playing into the most extreme stereotype of his party, and it is infested with socialists and leftwing radicals with an agenda.









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