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    Ebola, Vaccines, and Whistleblowers


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    Read more about the journal that removed a study alleging a link between vaccines and autism on CNN.com.

    The recent handling of the Ebola crisis by the CDC has left many Americans on edge and fostered an increasing mistrust in them. What may be less known is that a senior scientist at the CDC recently came out as a whistleblower on research fraud at the CDC. These charges already had some in congress talking of investigating the CDC and many more congressmen are starting to ask hard questions. If that was not enough, now an official complaint has been filed with the US Office of Research Integrity (ORI) detailing out the research fraud committed at the CDC.


    Almost two months ago a CNN iReport on Fraud at the CDC Uncovered spread quickly to one of the top 10 most viewed CNN iReports ever with well over 600,000 views. At that time half a million views on a vaccine article was almost incomprehensible, but now with Ebola cases in the US and an Ebola vaccine being developed vaccines are being talked about by more and more regular Americans. These discussions inevitably bring in many strong viewpoints, but with so many people questioning the CDC on vaccines and the vaccine schedule, a bigger debate has been emerging as witnessed by the #hearthiswell campaign started by mothers. If that wasn‘t enough Congressman Posey is looking to investigate the CDC for research fraud involving vaccines and is reviewing thousands of documents provided to him from a CDC scientist.


    Then the Ebola crisis started. The CDC seemed to be hit by one misstep after another, from claims of faulty safety procedures and changing descriptions on transmission. The CDC’s reputation has quickly been falling. A recent CBS Poll shows up to 60% of Americans believe the CDC is doing a poor job and news outlets have been calling for the head of the CDC, Dr. Tom Frieden, to resign.


    In the midst of this turmoil, October 20, 2014, an ORI Complaint has now been filed that will force the government to look into research fraud at the CDC regarding vaccine safety. The ORI is the government department responsible for investigating complaints about research in several government agencies including the CDC. This ORI complaint is based on documents provided by and statements from senior CDC scientist Dr. Thompson and shows research fraud at the CDC.


    The complaint also discusses emails and handwritten notes by CDC officials such as Dr. DeStefano, Dr. Boyle, and even Dr. Gerberding (the previous head of the CDC) that directly contradict published statements and testimony. These charges raises concerns of direct legal consequences, such as perjury. The even greater concern is that their fraud may have resulted in many thousands of children being gravely harmed or killed.


    The extent of the charges is vast as the ORI complaint is 33 pages before you even get to the list of 26 exhibits which include research data, CDC analyses, handwritten notes, emails, and more. The depth of this can be staggering as the CDC’s own emails and notes show they saw adverse effects that affected groups of children and tried for over a year to remove the effects. When they could not they omitted certain data and then outright lied.


    There is a list of 18 different areas of research misconduct, and a detailed explanation of how several officials continue to lie to this day even on basic items in their own report such as why they excluded people due to lack of birth certificates. The complaint shows that the CDC’s own analysis plan for this research states:


    “Family Background and Other Data Collection: Information extracted from the child’s school record included child’s date of birth, sex, birth state, and race.”




    “The only variable that will be assessed as a potential confounder using the entire sample will be the child’s race.”


    So all the needed information was available without the birth certificates and there was no need to exclude anyone, yet they did. According to the ORI this is fraud in and of itself.


    Of even greater concern are the handwritten notes from CDC officials on how they tried to hide the association between autism and vaccines in “isolated autism”. This is children with autism and no other condition such as cerebral palsy, mental retardation (MR), visual impairment, hearing impairment, epilepsy, and birth defects. In this group there was a clear association between vaccines and autism.


    “significant findings, made according to the Analysis Plan, were omitted from The Paper and, as a separate misconduct, the IOM presentation (2004)”


    This ORI report also provides more evidence that Dr. Thompson is still working to expose this fraudulent research from inside the CDC. He is also known to be talking with congressman Posey and has provided thousands of documents in support of his claims. In the ORI complaint it comes out that he has been working with others before and after he was anounced as the whisltblower. The complaint states Dr. Thompson reviewed and approved Brian Hookers reanalysis.

    “Dr. Hooker’s paper was reviewed and approved by Dr. Thompson.”


    If Dr. Thompson reviewed and approved the reanalysis then he knew the paper was imminent. Dr. Thompson also “secured” thousands of documents which is not something someone does quickly, especially after whistleblower charges have been claimed. These are not the actions of some bystander but someone actively involved. This also makes it hard for the journal that first published Brian Hooker's paper to justify removing the article since the author of the original paper was a reviewer and approved the work. This clearly states that the original is fraudulent and the reanalysis accurate.


    Dr. Thompson confims this and has said that by following direction from his bosses at the CDC he was involved in fraud.


    “I was involved in deceiving millions of tax payers regarding the potential negative side effects of vaccines. I regret what I did.”


    It is also revealed that Dr. DeStefano of the CDC has lied on CNN on at least one occasion as he and the CDC have claimed that Dr Thompson still supported the original research. This is even captured in text messages and emails where Dr Thompson states he is still working inside the CDC to get the truth out.

    “We are in the drivers [sic] seat now that Frank has lied in his interview with cnn [sic]. I am going to pursue this internally at the CDC.”


    The interview with CNN that is mentioned is where DeStefano says all the authors stand by the original findings. This complaint clearly shows Dr. Thompson does not and that the other authors knew also. This removes the argument that Thompson stands by the original and it also raises several questions about the decision by Translation Degeneration to rescind Dr. Hooker’s reanalysis of the original work as an original author, Dr. Thompson, reviewed and approved it.


    Looking at Dr. Thompson's legal statement, comments, texts, and emails it becomes clear that he believes in his work, that vaccines can be made safe, but has been frustrated by interference by senior administrators that are trying to hide facts from the public and even the medical community. He states several times that his bosses were asking him to lie about his findings and keep this from the public.

    “After admitting that he was “completely ashamed” of what he did, the conversation focused on how it happened and who gave the orders: “Higher ups wanted to do certain things and I went along with it. In terms of command, I was 4 out of 5.” He named those above him – the “higher ups”– as Coleen Boyle, Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsop, and Frank Destefano.”


    “I have a boss who’s asking me to lie.”


    These allegations become extremely serious since the ramifications have had an effect on the health of children over decades. Dr. Thompson has said he believes vaccines can be perfectly safe, but his statements also show he feels the current vaccines and schedule can be dangerous to some children.


    I cannot believe we did what we did…but we did…It’s all there…It’s all there. I have handwritten notes.”

    He laments that the CDC has known of these issues for over a decade and yet does not research into it to try and find better ways and products to avoid complications that can lead to autism.


    "We’ve missed ten years of research because the CDC is so paralyzed right now by anything related to autism. They're not doing what they should be doing because they're afraid to lookfor things that might be associated."

    Sections 17-20 of the report go about dismantling all legal arguments that this was not purposeful, such as;


    -       The misconduct cannot be excused as an ‘Honest difference of opinion’

    -       The misconduct cannot be explained away as an honest error or honest differences in interpretations or judgments about data.

    -       Findings of misconduct and corrective action are not barred by any limitation period as the misconduct is ongoing and affects public safety.

    -       A ‘good faith’ defense is unsustainable on any reading of this matter.


    Evidence is provided that at least Dr. DeStefano, Dr. Yeargin-Allsop, and Dr. Boyle were complicit and actively trying to falsify evidence. The evidence also implicated the previous Director of the CDC, Dr. Gerberding, and others that may have known about this activity and even condoned it.


    The CDC has had catastrophes with vaccines before, most notably the swine flu vaccine of 1979 where the vaccine killed more people than the disease it was intended to protect from would have. The CDC states that vaccinations have improved to the point that they are perfectly safe, but in light of this new evidence concerns persist.


    What does it mean for the possible Ebola vaccine if the CDC’s vaccine safety department has been found to have lied to the public in the past? There is still much talk and hope about the possible Ebola vaccine being created by the CDC and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID), but this does raise concerns that the “fast-track” approval may be inadequate. Let us hope they test it better than they have in the past.


    ORI Complaint


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