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    Posted October 22, 2014 by
    Ft Bragg, North Carolina

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    The Truth about Dual Survival Star Joe Teti. Not a fraud after all. Part 3


    An investigation is under way on several individuals to include a retired Special Forces SGM and a retired Special Forces Captain in regards to the misuse and unauthorized access to DOD computers to verify the background of Joseph Teti, a former Marine and Green Beret. Mr. Teti has been attacked for the past 2 years by a former team mate, a former reality star, now focused on defaming Mr. Teti's career. He along with several others have been identified as conspirators in this attack, as well as now resorting to "calling in favors" with individuals who work at SOCOM (Special Operations Command) and USASOC (United States Special Operations Command) to obtain potentially classified information about Teti. From what we have been told, if these individuals have used DOD assets to include friends or family that work in positions that give them access to records that are sensitive in nature, unobtainable to a civilian, they will be charged with several offenses, one of which comes with imprisonment and a stiff fine. From what we have read on line, this investigation is justified and appears to be accurate.


    Two Laws to educate yourself on:


    The U.S. Privacy Act of 1974


    18 U.S. Code § 1030 - Fraud and related activity in connection with computers


    As my investigation continues, it is clear that nowhere did Joseph Teti state anything that was not verifiable. There are a number of resume's out there. None written by Teti by his own admission.


    So those not aware of the allegations. Joseph Teti was accused of not being Special Forces Combat Diver qualified. Which in fact he is. His DD-214 from the U.S. Marine Corp clearly states he went to Special Forces dive school in 1983. Whoever stated that Special Forces Dive school was contacted, may want to check the Marine records.


    The second allegation was that Joseph was a Special Forces Sniper. Other than what was stated on resume's not written by Teti, Joe never claimed to be a Special Forces Sniper.


    Finally, Joe is accused of not being a combat veteran. Was he in the military when he saw combat. The answer is no. Did he see combat while working for an Elite Government Counter Terrorism Unit. The answer is yes.


    All of this was vetted through the group that is trying to ruin Joe Teti's career. This is what is troubling. All admit he is legitimate, but he is being persecuted for small details that either can be confirmed or he claimed were never true in the first place.


    In closing, if Joe or anyone wants their individual side given, please message me so that I can represent all fairly. I have reached the end of what my internet investigation will produce. I can not show any of the documents I have uncovered since I do not want to inhibit any real investigation that may be taking place. I appreciate all the heart felt good wishes from some. As a result of these articles, I have received a lot of threats from individuals in the previous comment sections. Threats do nothing but inspire me. The threats prove I am on to the truth.


    As a writer, I am reporting only what is open sourced and available to all. I am not affiliated with anyone that this article may imply.

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