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    Posted October 19, 2008 by
    matthews, North Carolina
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    Final presidential debate

    I have a dream!


    I am a 47 year old single mom that has raised four kids alone and without college education and without welfare. Nine years later, I work 40-60 hours a week at my "real job" to support the new business I opened. I started a medical uniform store last year. Over 50 percent of my bring home revenue, earned on my emloyed job, goes to support the store I have opened. My dream was that one day the store would support me and my employees and I would not have to work both buisnesses. I believe that Joe, the plumber, has brought home the real talking point for struggling americans. Its not the ones taking handouts that are struggling. Its the ones like me trying to EARN a living. I Obama gets elected, all my hard work to finally get to a selfsupporting buisness may mean that I will have to pay my hard earn money and instead of reinvesting it into my company to help it to grow, I will have to pay taxes to support others that have not paid the price I have. So much for the american dream! My store was started without any help from the goverment or a banking faculity. I sold possessions and emptited my bank account to stock my store with the bare essentials to get open. I then slowly built my stock to a point that my store has a decent stock. I have a long ways to go but I had hope. I have a dream of having my store being large enough to support more employees and not just my two daughter in laws that work for almost nothing. I would like to work at my store and have it pay me wages. Instead of working for another and working my store after work. I have a hard time thinking that all of this sacrifice can be undone and shared with others that could have done the same. Guess what, my store is a corporated business and I have not had any help from the goverment. If I can do it...and I will... so can all the ones Obama wants to redistribute my hard work to. It would almost be better, under this socialist plan for me to work for another and hope they dont have to cut payroll to pay taxes. I hate this. I have the right to work for my own business and have the money grow the store and therefore grow the community by adding jobs. Its not the wealth that is being distributed under Obamas plan, its stealing our dreams. I have purposely decided to make a good decision based on ALL the facts. I have turned a blind eye toward all the ugly associations of Obama, not wanting to be apart. I hate the Iraq war, my son is a soldier! Out of all the ugliness and all the confussion, Joe asked the question that I think all Americans should be asking. Not if a candidate is black, or a woman or the age. Can we afford to let our goverment be all Democrates and all of our lives be controlled by such a socialist attitudes? If Obama wants to spread the wealth, lets start with his. How many of his houses has he sold to help the poor and needy? By the way, has any one considered cause in effect of the recent fall of the economy started way before Bush got in office. I am going to vote for the one that will prosecute the CEOs that did this. I still am not convinced on McCain. I would hope that Palin will stand up to any wrong. Bidden is as bad as Kerry in the flip flop of principles. I am convinced now, that Obama would do one great thing... Powell could have done it. He may put a black man in office and that would be great. But can we do it without destroying the dreams of hard working Americans? I was undecided. Now I am mad. Resectfully,

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