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    Posted November 1, 2014 by
    CNN iReport staff
    Atlanta, Georgia
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    An open letter to catcallers

    Dear guys in the gold Cadillac


    Dear guys in the gold Cadillac,


    My name is Shaniece. I mean, you probably don’t care what my name is, but I have a name and it’s not ‘you there’ or ‘fine lil black girl’ or ‘ay you’ or expletives that I won’t write. My name is Shaniece.


    It’s my first day commuting in college, and I’m at the bus stop. My friend, another woman and I are waiting for the bus and having some general chit-chat. I decide to call my mother to let her know that I figured out the bus schedule and here you two come.


    The traffic light is green. Last time I checked, green meant that traffic was to keep moving but you two decided to stop. You stopped in the middle of a four-lane road. You stopped with cars behind you. Your music is blaring out the windows of your old, gold Cadillac. At least, I think it's gold. And I think it's a Cadillac. I don’t really remember, since I only looked in your direction for a total of five seconds.


    I’m trying to focus on the sound of my mother’s voice on the other end of the line but you two have other plans.


    “Ay girl.”


    “Hey. How ya doing?”


    “Oh, so you not gonna say hello? You not gonna answer?”


    "You just gonna ignore us like that?”


    “Wow. So you not even going to look over here then? You think you funny.”




    And then came the f-bombs, the b-words and every other degrading term in the book being thrown at me because I have yet to show you any attention. My friend yells 'she doesn’t want to talk you'. Bless her heart. The two of you don’t seem to appreciate her speaking up very much. The other woman we were talking to? She is turned in the opposite direction, fiddling with her phone.


    I turn my head, look at the both of you for a second and make the motion that I am on the phone. The two of you get silent then hurl one more expletive and speed through the green light at the last second.


    And all the tension in my body is gone. I feel like I can breathe. The other woman waiting with us, turns her body to face us again. I don’t blame her for turning away and not saying anything. She was afraid. I was afraid. The longer I took to answer you guys or show some type of reaction, the more violent your words got. The more you hung out of the passenger side window banging on the door to get my attention.


    You took my voice away with every single verbal attack. I couldn’t even speak up to say something as simple as ‘leave me alone'. Thankfully, I have not seen you two since. However,for future reference, you should never do that again. It won’t get you the girl or whatever you want from her. How would you feel if someone did this to your mother, sister or daughter? I’d hope that you would be pissed, and you’d realize how disgusting it is.


    I wasn’t asking for it. I wasn’t dressed provocatively. I was just waiting for the bus.





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