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    Yesterday was a good day in opensim. We got insane. Right ahead to join the Opensimulator Conference with fresh ideas, starting on Nov, 8, at Noon Grid time [PM PST] which is 20.00 GMT London time.


    Fresh ideas for the opensource 3D immersive Metaverse by getting insane? Does this fit? It does.


    There are the points:


    1. If you don’t try you don’t get. So thanks to the ones who joined: Alle Zeb, Art Blue, Birch Wind, Bolle Zjide, Cherry Manga, Dorothea Lundquist, Fuschia Nightfire, Greta Scribe, Han Held, James Atloud, Jessica Pixel, Jnix Fallon, Mal Burns, Nara Malone, Pathfinder Lester, PatriciaAnne Daviau, Qnav What, Roxy Gellar, Serene Dipity, Thirza Ember, Wizard Gynoid, WizardOz Chrome, Wordfromthe Wise. Some could not log in and have been in tears. But the capacity was limited to 21 seats. Sorry for them.
    It is important for new technology to get a personal experience. Also to have some witness in time, that it became “state of the art”. To avoid that a patent comes up blocking a further free use by everybody and most of all: to learn out of it. So it was a good day: most things worked, some not, some worked in the after-show.


    2. Opensimulator gets stable: 25+ people, some 100 scripts, 6.000 prims, particle effects all around, sim crossing and a dynamic world upload. All together elements that make a performance possible to feel like being a Worldartificer. That the helicopter where the technician had Paul Horner as passenger on board did not start from the platform in time was an ugly glitch. But also insane on top as just in the moment as the long lost Banksy [the one of Clacton-on-Sea] was inspected by the officer the helicopter took off and made the rounds as scripted.


    3. A tool for Theatrical play got life: There is so much of creativity in the air. We call it “user created content”. Some of it deserves to get presented not just by “showing” the work. Give them a story. This play yesterday was to feature the installment INSANITY by French artist Cherry Manga. A package with spicy elements out of Frank Herbert´s Dune to bend time so the “time machine” [an artwork by Aley Resident] could be set into scene, some monks, judges, a robot and the already mentioned helicopter – all together just objects for a software system called InifiteTheatre made for opensim.


    4. MIT/open license: You have two options for software inventions. Protect it or share it. Yesterday was a good day for opensim. The developers of InfinteTheatre share the concept and the scripts. Everyone can move and rez objects, play sound out of a notecard that describes the actions in the theatre. Mainly the theatre is based on chat dialogue. The charm in this world is that writing, reading and listening become a package. Like 5000 years ago where stories have been told at the fireplace and the picture has to be created by the imagination of the listener. That the helicopter with Paul Horner and the statement of this arrest by the London Metropolitan police was not working as planned you may skip. 650,000 shares on a report of his arrest published by National Report and no one noticed the hoax – isn´t it theatre at is best?



    Next performance in Futurelab at Hypergrid.net shall be on Dec. 3rd. 2014, Noon Grid time. But first let´s see what goes on in the Conference on Nov, 8 where Phil Rosedale will do a keynote about virtual worlds. [late note: was a great speach, some elements will be used in a story "The Dream Machine" in rezmagazine issue 12/2014]


    Some readers may not be able to log in to the 3D world to get INSANITY right now and want to watch a machinima instead. WizardOz Chrome made it and at the end Cherry Manga appears *thank you Viz*

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