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    Posted November 11, 2014 by
    Los Angeles, California

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    Shooting America Part V. Ballad about Weaponry.


    Vladimir Vysotsky's Legacy.


    NRA enjoys,.. Hooray!
    Sure, sales worldwide OK!
    We can see on every flyer!
    That Toyota got supplier

    Outrageously expressed by TCCC counselling



    Our politicians (read "sellers"), being chronically addicted to discuss the popular country issues heated by controversial Second Amendment, like to do it periodically, after every next their failure or sudden lapse. As a rule of thumb the "Sale for Sale, and Nothing but Sale" slogan is always prevails over healthy minds ...


    There is Russian folklore written and performed by Vladimir Vysotsky yet in 1974. Already 40 (forty) years ago he had predicted today's uneasiness, by sarcastic saying as "we just shoot each other - we don't touch (fight) people physically", or as this just stated below in his original verse # 33: "И мы себе стреляем, И мы никого не трогаем" - translation into English see in the verse # 34, where you'll find some light adaption to realities made by me, just after 40 years. It is really applied.


    Enjoy wisely!








    The low-level people are rushing all worldwide
    Just living in installment, -
    That feature works for easy
    For bad and for nice guys


    I don't know those nice guys
    They, probably, have wings
    With bad - I'm in relations, -
    They eager to have weapon
    The weaponry and weapons,
    The violence by assault!


    The people of high-level
    Desire to play with missiles
    But low-level people cannot afford survive
    Without any weapon to brandish it when high


    Hey, look at that one bum -
    Without money in the pocket,
    In which a big one fig -
    The triggered gun to hit you from the feet


    He dreams about dinner
    Already from the morning
    His jacket from designer
    Appeared as self-reporting


    I'm willing walk with him
    Supporting business talk
    While holding my sweat fingers
    On trigger of my colt


    I am purposeful well
    And I am businessman
    I'm drunk and smoke-filled
    And often slightly high


    Hey, why're you starring me
    I am not a disabled yet
    I need the only couple drinks
    To make a calls and fly my jet


    Let's gather, move on, morons
    We gonna hold free talk
    Today, just after dinner
    I'll sing you my ballad
    The weaponry and weapons,
    The violence by assault!


    They are high-level players,
    Their gambling is for broke
    As always with big money
    They bluff impressed by honeys


    They're playing with a bomb, -
    We don't have this one,
    You know, we are shy
    We just in needs for gun


    And finally they got it
    The ordinary gun
    And very sharp, the used one
    Stiletto, just for fun


    The low-level people
    Are scurrying in terror
    But we, as NRA-applied
    Already marching panoplied


    The faces across muzzle,
    "You, Face the wall",
    And "Don't move"!


    This is, of course, not practically
    To scan for high through pharmacy
    Just buy from sale an ax or two
    To feel - a man is filling you!


    I'll do my best like always
    I'd like the country to escape peril
    As such I'll sing not worse than Taylor
    About weapon-transport for ISIL
    The weaponry and weapons,
    The violence by assault!


    Whether to buy a clothes
    I am in doubts of needs
    Go ahead and buy some weaponry
    And all the ammo that on list


    Let's start! Go ahead!
    Learn shooting everybody
    Newspapers are for weapon
    Which's cheaper than a drug


    Under a spoon - so pleasurable
    But pity on the soul
    As any artist just was down
    For pound of papier mache


    Go ahead with shooting
    In people, animals and cats
    The contradictory Amendment
    Will never get declined.


    Until a weapon here
    Without limitations
    Do not afraid - It's all OK
    Your money work for other nations


    She's desperately strong
    West-Northern Barracuda
    Explosively attractive -
    We like her, hiding attitude


    The low-level people
    Who are without weapon
    They are not people anymore
    But targets due skeletons


    Since those big-pocket bosses
    Shoot elephants and tigers
    But their games are not for us -
    Cannot afford such exercises


    That all is up to them -
    The gambling within world
    Not only one from them was getting loss
    All other gonna be condemned by the lord


    We have in pocket mini-gun
    So new and we're so excited
    That even soil - pillow,
    Accommodation's easy granted


    The blood diluted, wad-able
    And throbbing in the temples
    The sweaty fingers turning blue
    Applying trigger safeness


    We, low-level people
    The rent on the society
    But you shall pay attention
    To look at us from side -


    Beyond narrow shoulders
    Of being observed passerby
    You can report two dummies -
    Two hidden wars between rivals


    Intoxicated lands and powers
    Whether you sing or howl as wolf
    United States and Mother Russia
    What are you doing with us?!


    "If you modest and silent - can survive"
    All idle speculation -
    Since our market's always full
    With debonair arm for nation


    Additionally Nord-Ost is blowing
    The prices get responsive
    You know, we're blessed with God
    In independent country!


    The life's still cheaper here
    As dust, just blow and adieu
    Apiece, by little money -
    Much cheaper cigarettes for you


    The life-eccentric's broken
    As thin one hair sample
    A little one pressure
    On trigger and "Aha"!


    Since all the sales acceptable
    "Together we will stand"
    To take away a life is easy
    As we were taught from age of nine


    Just look around - non-stop wars
    So exercise your mind my country
    No making threat with naked hands
    And even ... no plane highjack


    We're all for bullets reachable
    There's no God or Evil against it
    So we're enjoying shooting targets
    We don't touch somebody by another means


    Before adore of shooting
    All colors and the ages fall
    The old and young, and she, and he
    Whether one black or white are not specific


    Again, so pleasurable, somehow under spoon
    The trivial addiction works
    The killer on the cover page
    And hottie that is totally nude


    The world is overcrowded
    By losers with the axes
    Who are again protected
    Until next trigger point



    Tau Ceti Chief in Charge,
    November 11, 2014

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