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    Obama: Failed Background Check?



    ""Barack Obama Couldn't Pass a Routine Background Investigation Similar to Those Applied to Notary Public Applicants A while back, radio talk show host Michael Savage brought up

    the notion that Democratic presidential nominee

    Sen. Barack Obama couldn't pass a background investigation to become an FBI special agent.




    He doesn't know how right he is.

    Sen. Barack Obama wouldn't pass a routine government background investigation, not only to become an FBI agent, but a police officer as well. If he were a soldier, his background would preclude him from obtaining a security clearance.He wouldn't even qualify to be a support person in a federal agency, such as secretary, for that matter.His past cocaine usage disqualifies him from being a DEA agent.

    There's another big problem Sen. Obama has: His association and business relationship with Weatherman Underground founder William Ayers,  a former domestic terrorist who is still unrepentant for his bombings on U.S. landmarks and police stations.







    Usually, the company you keep reveals who you really are. Ayers felt then, as he does now, that America is the evil of the world and needs punishing for past and current bad acts.



    Not many federal agencies would want someone with that kind of chip on his shoulder working for it. Also, Sen. Obama's association with Tony Rezko and the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) come

    to mind.Rezko was just convicted of promoting corruption among Chicago politicians. He helped in the purchase of the senator's home and was a campaign fundraiser  for Obama. ACORN is being investigated by the feds for systematic voter registration fraud. Not good things.






    Let's not forget about Sen. Obama's pastor and mentor for 20 years, America-hater Rev. Jeremiah Wright. When first questioned

    about his membership in Wright's black theology church, Sen. Obama first denied knowing Rev. Wright harbored such negative feelings about the U.S.,  but after being further pressed, he dismissed the reverend's conduct as like a "crazy uncle" who lived in the basement.



    He finally decided that he couldn't politically afford to stay in the church, and dropped his membership.




    To keep job applicants honest, many government agencies such as DEA, FBI, CIA and others require them to take a polygraph examination.





    Do you think Sen. Obama could pass a polygraph when he approves an ad that mocks Sen. John McCain for being unable to send

    e-mails without mentioning his poorly mended broken arms while in custody of the North Vietnamese which prevents him from manipulating the computer keyboard?



    He's not computer illiterate, he's handicapped!





    Would you want a police officer in your city associating with such people? Not likely. But Obama supporters ignore these associations because they are desperate for a Democrat in the White House.

    A federal government full-field background investigation would also look for prior inconsistencies, exaggerations and

    outright lies on an application for employment.





    I once conducted a background check for an applicant to become a secretary for DEA. She had previously worked for a large police department as a secretary,  and left the job to have a child.



    She was ready to re-enter the workforce and wanted to work for DEA.  She seemed perfect for

    the job until the background investigation revealed that she lied on her application. She

    claimed to have 30-semester hours of college in office management, when in reality she attended one day of one class and then dropped out.



    The fact that she lied was sufficient justification to consider her application no further. After all, if she would lie about that, what else has she lied about?



    Obviously the woman lacked integrity, which is a vital qualification for anyposition within the federal government, even a DEA secretary who would have access to all investigative reports.




    I'd like to conduct Sen. Obama's background investigation. I'd review his application for the Illinois state bar and see if he mentioned the drug usage that  he disclosed in one of his books.



    If the question about drugs was asked, and he denied it at the time, his integrity is immediately put into question. He revealed it in his book to float a balloon to test his potential as a viable presidential candidate.



    Admitting it prevented his political opponents from attacking him about it. In fact, in the eyes of many Sen. Obama supporters, using drugs enhances his resume. It's something they can relate to.




    Personally I like my presidents to not associate with known criminals, be drug-free for a lifetime, have unquestioned integrity and be able to pass a  simple background investigation.""








    (Posted with permission from Briscoe)




    **NOTE: Thank You Briscoe for making this SIMPLE observation that MANY have failed to understand or to even LOGICALLY consider the massive implicatons, myself included.




    God Bless you.








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