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    Posted November 24, 2014 by

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    Inara Pey Modem World


    “We don’t know the world because we haven’t made it, now we do”, Neo Prim, 2035

    Here is a world, indeed worlds, we have already made in the year 2014. Mainstream media begins to realize it. George Bloom, director of CBS Digital says on a TED session that we will all meet in the Metaverse in some years. He outlines changes in film production. There are quite dramatically. He starts his 14 minute speech by looking back as he was a child. This father liked to watch comedies with the kids by turning off the volume saying “imagine the spoken words by your imagination”.

    Now we have the tools to create what we can imagine. Immersive interactive art. The name for all these worlds is "the Metaverse", but indeed there are many Metaverses. The very first one where everything was made by the users, the visitors, the inhabitants is now 11 years old. Its name: Second Life. George Bloom never uses this word in his speech, nor do I. In an art calendar coming in 2016 with shots made inside LEA [Linden Endowment for the Arts], which is part of the Second Life art community, an installation was setup showing works of Bryn Oh in a retrospective. A retrospective for art, for an artist, for a virtual creation not older than seven years? Happening these days in Tutusville, FL offering high-tech equipment for an immersive art experience like in a X-men movie. The visitor of the Art & Algorithms Festival sits in a movable chair, looking at stereoscopic screens or wearing an Oculus RIFT headset and immerses in this world of art and this is Second Life? The Second Life that was once a hype then got dumped in public option to a porn site?

    In the art calendar of the Bryn Oh Retrospective the word Second Life is not mentioned. Metaverse has become the good brand. Hypergrid and Hypergrid network is the way to address such realms in technical terms. Fully compatible to Second Life. The Second Life code is public domain, like LINUX. It is a technology available for what you like to do with it. If you have a Visa or a Mastercard in use you are not bad and your are not good, it depends on what you do with it.

    Who guides someone interested in virtual worlds, in this business where an endless amount of contents is delivered day by day? There are many. Some do it daily as bloggers Their postings are of high quality, not all of course, some are disgusting. As I got a note by Bryn Oh today recommending a posting of Inara Pey about “correcting the view of Second Life” I decided to make this entry, this iReport. I don’t use Second Life in my books and work, I use Metaverse as the easy going term. Why to explain “it is the good and pretty side” of SL when the other person has already an opinion on it, in Europe, especially in Germany an often negative one. I say: I work in the Metaverse, then I can pack inside fresh ideas. I am a Hypergridder, I live in the Hypergrid Network. But I started as everyone by making a prim. “It all starts with a cube” Philip Rosedahle, the creator of Second Life said in 2003. Now he works on a world called High Fidelity. Let´s keep our eyes open for what happens inside not place a stamp on it, a mark that will not been washed away easily. Inara Pey´s blog named "modemworld" keeps our eyes open.


    Thanks Inara for over five years of doing so. And thanks also to other bloggers for their continous work keeping us up-to-date.

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