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    How to play football or Soccer?


    Soccer is the most widespread name of association football.  It is a sport which is played using a globular ball by two teams, consisting of eleven players each. Both the teams try to net the ball inside the opponent’s goal post. The score is quantified by the number of goals scored by an individual team. So, the rules are simple- score more goals than your opponent and try to keep them off your goalpost simultaneously. The team who succeeds to do so wins the game. The duration of the game is ninety minutes and it is played in two halves, each consisting of forty-five minutes. Between the two halves remains a break. The duration of this break may vary, but usually lasts for fifteen minutes. If the game ties between two teams, then the tie may be broken off in three ways, as such-

    1)      Classic:

                 Both the teams face each other in a highly contested game of thirty extra minutes.

    2)      Golden Goal:

                 The game continues until one of the competing teams score a goal. This process is not very popular nowadays.

    3)      Penalty shootout:

                 Both the teams participate in a penalty shootout, which results in a one-on-one standoff between a player of one team and the goalkeeper of the other one. Five chances are given to each team and the team scoring the highest number of goals within these five chances emerges as the winner.

    The tie-breaking rules are applied as per the need and the type of the match being played. They vary from match to match. Other than these, rules related to fouls and violations are also existent in soccer/football. Besides, there are also rules regarding outside, offside and corner in soccer. A football field usually measures 120 yards in length and 53 ½ yards in breadth. This measurement also varies according the level of the game. It remains almost the same for high school and college level matches. But, the measurement of the ground is a bit higher in the CPL (Canadian Football League).

    Now, we know that many concepts about soccer are prevalent these days. Betting against or with the odds is one of such popular concepts. It is simply called ‘betting’. In it, an individual or a group of people may choose sides during a competitive match and put their money at stake for that distinct side/team. It is usually done by calculating the odds, though some people do it for expressing their love for the team(s) which they support. Betting is frequently done by the fans in almost all matches, whether it is a club or an international level match. It can be done while watching the match live or from behind the television. It can also be performed online. Nowadays, many sites promote the practice of betting. For example, M88.com is a popular site for betting in soccer. Millions of soccer fans congregate here to place a bet on the verdict of a particular match. Risks are to be duly calculated while betting, because if someone loses the bet, then he/she may lose the entire money which was put at stake by them. Thus, it is usually done by football frenzies and experts.


    So, from the above discussion, we can know about soccer and its concepts in general.

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