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    delimansc and 14 other iReporters contributed to Open Story: Your view of police brutality protests
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    My name is Sammi Addahoumi and I am a friend of Tom Sponseller. I own and operate the Sammi’s Deli chain of restaurants here in Columbia, South Carolina, where I was born, raised, and have lived all of my life. I have absolutely no reason to lie, thus what follows are facts derived from objective logic, as opposed to the contrived subjectivity which denies reality, to the extent the hypothetical possibility of being wrong can be received as guarantees of being right.

    Columbia, SC is no stranger to anarchy, with the previous Federal Occupation expelled to end any further Reconstruction.  Since 1877, Columbia’s African American citizens have experienced a culture of systematic inequality that is as obvious as it is cloaked and as unspoken as it is advertised. Columbia S.C. is like Benghazi, Libya in many more ways than it is not. Accountability has not been a factored into either respective government by design.

    Only when a near total change of government under Federal occupation was undertaken did the leaders of Columbia, of South Carolina, reflect the dreams, fears, goals, obstacles, history, or diversity, the reality of those they were to speak for. For 4 brief years, South Carolina was ruled by and for the people of South Carolina.

    It is now time for Columbia, to choose its inevitableOccupying force.  One is of unharnessed, unrealized, and unbalanced forces that must see strength in diversity rather than fear the utility of its existence. Only after Columbia had lost everything to a civil war was there of renaissance of the possible. Shared understandings of a denied existence through a denied reality represent the greatest vector for Reconstruction.

    The other will come later when the first option has been exterminated through Nihilist apathy. Such a force will suspend our government, with martial law to be enforced absent the Rule of Law. The deadly assault on our society has begun with neighbors dying needless deaths. Now, only Apathy to, or Empathy with, reality will decide the final means of assault. While it is too late for me to save ChaffinTom Sponseller, or Mandy Kennedy, all of them my neighbors, I have found proof, beyond a reasonable doubt, that those responsible will strike again and no one is safe, save those who demand that actions of government correspond to reality.


    Mandy Kennedy was my neighbor and she did not deserve to die. The tire marks I saw across her lifeless face were so cruel and unusual a punishment that it was and is a crime of war via criminal neglect and class warfare.  Her death was a murder, and it is part of a civil conspiracy against every single citizen in our Columbia that annexes exponentially with zero growth. Columbia, SC is no more than failed city-state, worse even perhaps than Mogadishu, we have modernization, yet zerodevelopment.  While the level of patronage, fraud, corruption, and graft of both respective shadowgovernments vary by trace amounts, at least in Somalia the football stadiums, or rather, soccer stadiums, have sidewalks so that the most helplesslymiserable people on earth don’t get mowed down by heavy traffic blind to their very visiable suffering.


    This makes them the second most miserably helpless people on earth, for Columbia, SC is a place where poor people like Mandy Kennedy, or movers and shakers like Tom Sponseller, can be murdered by the warlords enriched by Hospitality and Tourism tax revenue tax envisioned by Sponseller to ensure that the poor were not condemned to their fate so long as the tourists knew our hospitality. I

    In the same fashion that the City of Columbia Police Department steals donated Thanksgiving Turkey Dinners from the homeless mission in Columbia, there is no sidewalk, no bicycle lane, no pedestrian walkway, nothing, but money spend on every single thing but Hospitality and Tourism, just feet from Columbia’s, and South Carolina’s name brand.  Our top draw for out of towner’s, The University of South Carolina’s Williams Brice Stadium, home of the USC Gamecocks, SEC powerhouse, with head coach Steve Spurrier increasing athletic revenues with each game. For just few dollars spent on just a few feet of concrete, Mandy Kennedy’s two boys would still have a mother.


    I saw her die and the tire marks smashed into herdistorted facial features haunt me like the honest, life loving eyes of Tom Sponseller. One murder scene, one civil conspiracy forced me to recognize led another. I know as fact that Tom Sponseller had never stepped foot in that dark room before his dead body was put there. Nor did he even have a key.  He took his smoke break next the elevator on the 2nd lower level of the parking garage and never once smoked in the dark room, never entered the dark room while alive, and certainly never had a key for the dark room.

    Tom Sponseller never had reason to worry or even think about that dark room behind a room because he is did not work for AT&T, Time Warner, MCI, INFONET, or the DHS S.L.E.D. Fusion CenterIntelligence Annex, which plays a central role.Technicians for these companies are the only people need the key which they would need to first get from the Collier’s Management, who assured me that my network would be secure if I were to rent office space for my deli in 1122 Lady, because only he, and he alone, has the key to the INFONET room. Randy Scott said the room was many different things, from a janitor closet, to a storage room, to an office, to a place with “lots of cigarette butts everywhere”.

    What Randy Scott, the CPD, and City Council did not tell you, because Leslie Wiser coached them not to, is that, while Tom Sponseller had no use for the INFONET Technician room, those involved in Information Sharing and DATA Fusion and NSA / FBI illegal wiretapping, or splicing, those such as Leslie Wiser Jr have their own master skeleton key that is mandated by KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK5

    If Leslie Wiser, Jr. had not murdered Tom Sponseller, then he, as Americas most famous international spy catcher, who, while leading the FBI International Counterintelligence Division caught Soviet Spy Aldrich Ames, if Wiser had not sabotaged the investigation, he would have seen what I did. Without a key. He would have not even needed a key to know that the “obscure room behind a room” was there and not searched. I did not have a key and but saw right through the chicken wire and rusty padlock of the door just underneath it, the lower level, that is obviously and was clearly a room behind a room. I spent less than 5 minutes at the murder scene of Tom Sponseller when a woman, seeing me take pictures of the INFONET room, informed that Tom Sponseller was never known to come to into the office on Saturdays. These facts, along the recent SLED report on the CPD investigation, shows us that Randy Scott is a mean drunk, abuses psychoactive drugs, and has no less than 3 people who, for whatever reason, swore that they would kill for Randy Scott.

    Randy Scott was a pathetic proxy for Leslie Wiser. I know that the Sponseller family would have preferred to know that those leading the investigation were also driving around drunk making traffic stops, abusing metal disorder medications, and had no idea how to use an iPhone, yet can record on an ipad. For Randy Scott to say that he personally checked even the elevator shafts, yet failed to observe what was feet from Sponseller’ car is proof, as is the fact that Rachel Duncan has not reported to jail and has been directly associating with methheads at methlabs, all of this, with no autopsy report, no ballistics report, no investigation of a murder. Mine should not be the only pictures. I am not the law. Just a protector. This is how I know that Mayor Steve Benjamin is selling Columbia Municipal Bonds, putting Columbia deeper, and deeper, and deeper in debt, for what? Not for fixing sewage spills and overflows like one between my Deli and my house that closed an entire street for 2 months for which the City is currently in battling a EPA DHEC lawsuit over. Not for the homeless families and homeless children sleeping in their cars and couch to couch. Not for sidewalks, either. There is only one sole purpose for which Mayor Steve Benjamin and City Council mortgage over and over again the future of Columbia. Mayor Benjamin is issuing more and more City of Columbia Municipal bond only so that he can secretly buy more and more Israeli Bonds. He puts the City of Columbia in default so that we can buy Israeli debt. Not Kosher. Not Legal. Not secretly any more.

    Many in Columbia may not know me, though perhaps might recognize my face as one they see regularly on the streets of Columbia, or maybe they looked twice when they saw me on CNN International News. Those that do not know either me or my face may know Tom Sponseller, and even if you did not know him, there is a good chance you do know his face, for he also was on CNN International News, among many, many other global news outlets. Perhaps, like me, you were touched by the humanity of a grieving family whose heart wrenching pleas for information, any information, as to where Papa Tom had vanished that February Saturday when everything changed in the Midlands. If there is one thing that people must know about Columbia, S.C., it is that we do not take well to change, nor military occupation, for like Benghazi, and like Tom Sponseller, it is our Rebel Yell which defines us.

    That is not to say we are unhospitable. Far, far, from it, and the truth about my friend Tom Sponseller, must now be told, for whether in Benghazi, Libya, or Columbia, SC, whether the CIA Fusion Annex or the SLED Fusion Annex, due to the media and politicians who ignore them both, a U.S. Ambassador can be killed and get the same petty, shameless, sabotaged murder investigation as the CEO of the South Carolina Hospitality and Tourism Industry. Both men I consider friends who been wronged, and they are not alone, for an entire history than spans time and space, right into the present, has been wronged, to the point of being rewritten, relegating the futures of both Columbia, SC and Benghazi, Libya to the self-fulfilling prophecies of AIPAC and the Club of Rome. If that sounds crazy, let it be known

    Libya and South Carolina should be tourist capitals, promise lands of milk and honey and shared scents of jasmine that fuel a shared a sense of religious and spiritual continuity. Given their resources, cultures, history, and geospatial strategic positions that share the same beaches on opposite sides of the Atlantic, I have always known their fates are inseparable, for they are bound by my very blood, as entwined by factual DNA. Fact in face of the fiction or creative writing or science fantasy or whatever it is that is taught as Politics and Religion and Criminal Justice and History, not only at USC but by an entire system of belief which is defied by not only my very existence, but by the forgotten, hidden histories of Libya and South Carolina.

    Let us now examine the politics, the media, the academics, the industrial complexes and all the hidden forces whose cloaked collaboration now ravage both Columbia and Benghazi, for only through the recognition of our shared misery will we have the vision to overcome it. I will examine how the media and politicians conspire to prevent both South Carolinians and Libyans from not only making informed decisions, from realizing that they have been robbed of their very right to decide. As a result, terrorized citizens are left helpless, unable to make sense of senseless tragedy that is, in fact, orchestrated violence.

    All that knew Sponseller, professionally, casually, or as a familiar face on street, knew, and in their gut still know, that if Tom Sponseller had vanished then he had to be in trouble. He was always at every association gathering, every panel discussion, every board meeting. He had his hospitable hands in everything, always ready to contribute his vast knowledge of seemingly endless subject matter. For him, knowledge and hospitality could fix nearly any situation, be it a hurricane or World Trade Center attack. By his words and actions, light was shed on darkness and confusion was eliminated with facts and glossy travel brochures.

    In countless ways, Tom Sponseller spoke for me when I could not. I need those that knew Papa Tom to now follow their gut, for we are in times of great upheaval whereby knowledge is power and an information warfare, long ago waged by corrupt government, has become a cloaked war of attrition, an unseen battle for the very future of the City of Columbia by actors who are unseen, visible only to those willing to step outside of the constructed reality that clouds, distorts, and attempts to extinguish the light which Tom Sponseller left for us to follow, a vision of hospitality embodied through the very virtues whereby which a land is deemed hospitable.

    In the time since Tom Sponseller mysteriously disappeared, there has come to light many revelations which pertain directly to the investigation of both his disappearance and his death. These facts, known at the time, yet withheld from the public, explain why the Sponseller case was so handled the way in which it was.

    It is my intention to reexamine the case of Tom Sponseller in a modest, yet sincerely earnest method using open sourced available information as well as personal experience to encourage, in the absolute least, a reopening of the Sponseller case whereby I will attempt to provide a sense of professionalism and dignity which, until now, he and his family have been denied. In absolving one man of purgatory we will find that Sponseller committed not suicide, but was committed to martyrdom.  South Carolina Hospitality and Tourism Association CEO Tom Sponseller touched so many people and was so much a part of this city that even if you did not know him, there is a good chance you knew his face, for his crooked smile and honest eyes made national, even world news headlines. He was committed to his community till the very end.

    Like Sponsellor, I found hospitality in land renowned for hostility where life is so short and so uncertain that if we can find in ourselves nothing worth dying for, we fool ourselves with nihilist depravity that would have us so easily assume that there are inherently those among us with nothing to live for.

    The City of Columbia still grieves the loss of one of our own, for we were denied, and are denied to this day, any and all semblance of closure. The fictional character invented by the City of Columbia Police Department, to this very day, would have the world believe what is, no doubt, the cruelest, most carnal evil of what man can exact upon his fellow man.


    I can say that there is a mandate to reexamine the circumstances regarding his disappearance, his death, and the investigations, or lack thereof, of both. I knew Tom Sponseller as a familiar face, as a neighbor, as a fellow human being who dared, whether he knew it or not, to stand against the cloaked forces which lurk in the shadows of the City of Columbia. There are practitioners dark arts and Verbal Jujitsu that manipulate with unseen hands the strings of the City of Columbia Police Department, The Columbia City Council, SLED, the University of South Carolina, and all aspects of local, state, and even federal levels of government and law enforcement.


    Let it be known that Tom Sponseller died as he lived, a good Christian, generous in his trust to all he knew. Let it be known that as sure as there is a Heaven, Tom Sponseller is waiting there for family who has been through Hell.  One lie necessitates another in a chain, which by necessity, must grow exponentially intricate until it can completely contradict reality.

    Tom Sponseller did not kill himself, and Leslie G. Wiser Jr., at the very least, knows exactly who killed him, though I do not stop shy of directly charging Columbia City Police Chief Leslie G. Wiser, Jr., as we will find that the murder of Tom Sponseller goes all the way to the top. But, as I am sure this statement has enticed, who exactly is Leslie G. Wiser, Jr, or “Les” Wiser, and what does he have to do with Tom Sponseller, and when did he become the City of Columbia Police Chief, and more precisely, why would Leslie Wiser murder, or orchestrate the murder of, Tom Sponseller?

    For the reason another native son of Columbia is targeted by Wiser: He liked to raise his hand. He was compelled to raise his hand. To speak up. To call a spade a spade and the devil by his name. To point out both the obvious and the subtle when either or both were purposely manipulated to forward unscrupulous hidden agendas. Like me, Sammi Addahoumi, Tom Sponseller did nothing but stand in the way of the carefully fabricated lie that is Leslie G. Wiser, Jr. I am simply still alive, to write about it, while he is not. This is the only difference. As such, I know that a dark room behind a room waits for me as well. This is the fate of innocence. Men caged, treated like animals, robbed of dignity and put down like stray dogs. This is a War on Terror cloaking a War on Innocence.


    We have been complacent with Guantanamo Bay, Bagram Air Base, Abu Gareb, and all the other secret torture chamber and pseudo political prisons, allowing for some to float in the Mediterranean, some to fester stationary in lands of autocratic misery, and all to be not just ignored, but legitimized by the inaction of American citizens. It is the DoubleSpeak of Leslie Wiser, who insists that Islam or “terrorism” is threating American Liberties while those Constitutionally mandated rights are systematically rescinded to wage absolute war against an enemy that does not exists. This is the same phantom enemy that fires real bullets in 5 Points of Columbia and crashes real planes, for it is, indeed, a phantom, but becomes very real the minute America forgets, is indoctrinated to forget, that the U.S. Constriction is, in fact, very much worth dying for.


    Are our freedoms any less worth a fight to the death, when it is our government, rather than terrorists, who would usurp the rule of law? The Columbia Police Department is savagely petty because the same man who wipes his sphincter with the U.S. Constitution is the same man who wipes that of Mayor Steve Benjamin with the Bill of Rights. That is, the man who singlehandedly destroyed the objective reasoning of the U.S. Constitution with PROMIS, PRISM, TIA, NSA, FBI, CIA, UNIT 8200, FUSION, and now the SCIIC, this is the same man who has soiled in the same fashion the laws, the very rule of law, of Columbia, South Carolina while defecating for the Department of Homeland Security right on top of the City of Columbia Police Department.


    The hateful, deceitful, bowels of Leslie G. Wiser, Jr., are federally funded even as they spew diarrhea of the mouth right into the minds of unassuming University of South Carolina students who are told that the class they registered and paid for is taught by “Professor” Wiser. I did not see anything about defecating on the U.S. Constitution, or about being spied on by a Federal Agent who moonlights as a DataBroker.

    I must be very, very, very clear, I did not see, on Professor Wiser ‘s CRJU 391 Syllabus that I would be specifically targeted, have the ENTIRE class turned against me, or that all of this was a distinct and, I would hope illegal, collaboration between Leslie G. Wiser, Jr. and the USCPD for me to fall victim to their mind games and geospatial modeling that insists, insists, that Sammi must, based on DataBroker Wiser’s English Smart Policing cash cow, that Sammi Hassan Addahoumi must be a terrorist.

    Just look at his name and the religion he defends. Were I not raised a city like Columbia, by a father like Hassan Muhammad Addahoumi, with role models like Tom Sponseller and Jesus Christ, I would have long been the winning lottery ticket that Leslie G. Wiser has been dying, or rather, killing, to cash at the FBI. If “Professor” Leslie G. Wiser seems upset about yesterday’s horrible repeated tragedy at Fort Hood, Texas, he is crying the same crocodile tears shed so freely by then CPD “Chief” Randy Scott as he defecated on all branches of the United States Military by making a mockery of PTSD. Wiser and his USC apparatus are literally trying to create a BEST PRACTICES 1st PERSON SHOOTER incident to justify CNA Computing, or Harris Corp, turning Columbia into Surveillance Lab to run trials where the crime, deadly crime, in 5 points is the direct result an experiment gone bad. They did not tell Martha Childress, or her parents paying tuition, that she her safety was decided because one area had to be the “control group” in the Smart Policing Initiative Columbia CPD case study.

    Nor is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is a joke. The US Military is being decimated by suicidal soldiers who minds cannot get around the fact our government can treat its own like criminals, PSTD is an example of how the U.S. Military of Tom Sponseller would almost certainly declare war on the modern U.S. Military of Randy Scott, Ruben Santiago, David Navarro, and every single other criminal whose criminality has not only been rewarded, but expected in today’s Armed Forces. Mission Creep means standards are lowered beyond any hint of recognition. Tom Sponseller would have asked a nurse out to steak dinner.

    Randy Scott would have sodomized her the nurse, eaten her stolen painkillers like M&Ms, and threaten to kill her family, all while burning sausage he stole from the mouths of his 8 children with 2 wives, not including incalculable baby daddy accreditations, verified by the Columbia City Manager Teresa Wilson before she reloaded the EBT card of his 2nd favorite mistress with Department of Homeland Security grant funds. Randy Scott’s 8 kids think that all families eat MRI meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner but I bet they wonder why.

    Les Wiser or Special Agent Leslie Wiser or Special Agent in Charge Leslie Wiser or Assistant Deputy Chief Wiser or Deputy Chief Wiser or Chief of Operations Wiser or Fusion Center Executive Wiser or InfraGard insider Wiser or Counter Espionage Agent Wiser or Terrorism Analyst Wiser, or Super Spy Catcher Wiser, or any given lie Leslie G. Wiser, Jr thinks will be most profitable for him on any particular day. Dr. Harry Pastides owes me a refund and the University of South Carolina should be ashamed because the Wiser sold to me under the lie of “Professor” Wiser. One the first day of class in CRJU 391, the first thing “Professor” Wiser said was not hello or good morning. The very first words that came out of his mouth were none other than “There will be absolutely no recording”. Despite making a lucrative career destroying the United States Constitution, we will find that there is only one instance in which you will not Leslie G. Wiser, Jr. shoving “INFORMATION SHARING” down the throats of helpless, innocent, unknowing American citizens on behalf of foreign technology firms, offshore corporations, corrupt police, or for foreign intelligence agencies. The only time Leslie G. Wiser, Jr. does not believe molesting the U.S. Constitution with Information Sharing is when it is his information that is shared.

    The main point that needs addressing is the simple yet disturbing fact that whatever Leslie G. Wiser is, he is absolutely not a police officer or even a detective any more than he is college professor and those who think otherwise should think again before the next thumb drive Ruben Santiago loses has their entire life savings on it. In the unregulated, unaccountable, criminal business of Data Brokers, your bank account is secondary in terms of worth. Knowledge is power and even children are sold to the highest bidder in the geospatial metadata global black market.

    Now, Green is a police officer. Andre was Williams and his wife Shannon Williams, they are both police officers. Tandy Cater is a police officer. Leslie Wiser is more like a Leslie Nielson idiot savant , with a little Mark Geregos cheesiness and a whole lot of Rob Blagojevich sleaziest. In short, he is nothing new. If anyone listened to the SLED recordings of Ruben Santiago and David Navarro, you were, like me, just waiting for Santiago to say how their pact with Chief Wiser over the murder of Tom Sponseller was bleeping golden.

    This past weekend, four bars were shut for contrived infractions for which they were specifically targeted. They were shut down for “overcrowding” or “light bulb in exit sign being out” or an “exit door being blocked.” While such infractions are serious in that they could affect the safety of the patrons, there were countless other bars far more overcrowded and had far more serious infractions that should have been addressed. These bars where chosen because they are the little guys. The mom and pops who own only one business instead of 5 or even whole city blocks of them like those who dominate the 5 Points Association and make large donations to Columbia City Council campaign funds .

    As small business owners, they do not have the funds to pay for frivolous association dues or to play along with the City of Columbia racketeering operation of buying stickers and signs for protection or hiring Police Officers for security. They are forced to politely decline when Columbia Police Foundation or City of Columbia Police officials shamelessly beg them for petty donations of money, preferably cash, or food trays or drink vouchers or sponsorships.

    Furthermore, it must no longer escape public scrutiny that law enforcement officials were totally and completely concerned only with their racketeering operation of manipulating petty code violations and discriminating against young male Black patrons and Black frequented establishments with Black owners. There were boat shoes on top of boat shoes on top of boat shoes at one owned a City Councilman Ryan, no room to move and no worries either. Nothing but upper class white people, no fire violations. A table blocking an exit door can and did shut a Black business indefinitely while the 5 Points Task Force was busy doing exactly what they were formed for, and it nothing to do with crime levels in any way decreasing. Quite the opposite.

    The reason that the violence not only continues, but exponentially increases, to due to several reasons, all of which should be clear, but that somehow, even to USC President Dr. Harry Pastides, has failed to see as obvious, that the Smart Policing program he runs in collaboration with the Columbia Police Department is not only failing to prevent crime, it has exponentially increased and exacerbated crime to levels unheard of in our city. Kind of like Benghazi.

    Thank You, Leslie G. Wiser, Jr., for you and your Geospatial Smart Policing Initiative has allowed, validated, encouraged, and demanded that computers loaded with logical errors and biasedly written code can, must replace the very human, experienced, and very qualified seasoned City of Columbia Police officers who, after serving for decades, are humiliated in petty unwarranted firings or forced into a silent retirement. We now have regular shootings and Mexican gangs and Hell’s Angels, murdered bastions of the community, and it only costs the City of Columbia your salary and those of your entire criminal gang.

    We have lost Columbia’s finest and replaced them machines designed to turn people into statistics. There is a reason that the CPD has purged by half the number of highly experienced officers like Office Ida Greene, Officer Anthony Williams, and Officer Shannon Williams. This is because each of them, and each and every one like them that has been denied dignity, much less respect, each are targeted specifically for the fact that they have decades of experience as your neighbors and they know the law, and therefore the community trusts them, as we indeed should, for they have proven themselves worthy of such trust. Leslie G. Wiser Jr. has purposely not filled vacant positions so that there is more money to buy more technologies formally reserved for authoritarian dictators and Communist secret police though they make no secret of ordering from the same catalogue.

    The selective few who do get hired are unqualified in nearly every single aspect, with job positions literally being rewritten to accommodate incompetence. “Les” Wiser has decided to fill what he believes are “his” ranks with criminals, void of any moral standards, who even the United States military found to be too much of a liability, such as Robert Navarro, Tim Scott, and Ruben Santiago.

    Some, specifically Ruben Santiago, were too unethical for the military, but perfect for mercenary armies such as the former Blackwater. While his City of Columbia press release upon hiring does note his position as a team leader in Afghanistan, it fails to mention that Ruben Santiago was a “team leader” for mercenaries who are now convicted war criminals, banned in the United States and prohibited from doing business with American companies.

    The former Blackwater ,now an alphabet soup of front subsidiaries, including Xe, uses offshore headquarters and bank accounts not only because they are sanctioned and for war crimes, they are banned also for working under other war criminals. Mercenaries are expensive because when you kill people, you risk being killed. They are not cheap, unless armed only with flashlights, such as the contractors chosen for the CIA Annex in Benghazi. But they are dangerously incompetent just the same.

    Chief of Columbia City Police Department Leslie G. Wiser, Jr., has succeeded in his task of militarizing the City of Columbia Police Department, replacing experienced and committed officers and their proven character, morals, dignity, and commitment with mercenaries who should be committed, unable to restrain themselves even to the standards of a broken military, where all of them originated. The military of today is not the military that shaped men like Tom Sponseller.

    Mission creep has become America’s foreign policy in the same way that the City of Columbia Police Department, with its alphabet soup of gestapo-like task forces, has emaciated itself of any sense of mission and only keeps financial default and federal lockdown at bay by using Underage Drinking fines to cover the misappropriated and stolen Homeland Security Grant money that Leslie Wiser blew on expensive Tower Dumpers or Packet Interceptors.

    They cannot yet legally use Hospitality Tax money on Tower Dumpers and Packet Interceptors, so they must juggle the Homeland Security Grant money and the Hospitality Tax money. This does not usually end well, as once the absolute power of such machines is used, it is addictive like a drug, driving officials power mad with paranoia until the next fix, or upgrade. Pretty soon Autism Foundation directors and Hospitality & Tourism Association CEOs start mysteriously disappearing, dying, or both, with millions of dollars unaccounted for.

    Except those which can be traced offshore Bahaman bank accounts, so must be given the cover of “gambling” to cloak the true business which also uses offshore accounts because their products, like online gambling, are sanctioned. Subsidiaries of Harris Computing and the former Blackwater have offshore accounts who balances no doubt fluctuate with the crime levels in 5 points, with violence increased each and every time a new upgrade needs to be purchased.

    This is not unrelated to what has eaten away at the American Military. Indeed, Tom Sponseller, the G.I., is not the same as Randy Scott, G.I. for something very important was lost along the way: accountability. Something has changed in the nature of the men who go to war and return criminalized, having lost all respect for women, the rule of law, or the rights of civilians. This is because most of them were commended for shooting, bombing, or torturing civilians in their prior positions of employment, and promoted for covering up sexual assault.

    The worst of the worst, the units from Ft. Bragg, just happen to be the City of Columbia’s Police Department Battle Buddy and mentor while doing tactical training at Fort Jackson. If anyone is wondering why Randy Scott, as Chief of Police could threaten to kill the families of insubordinates he was having were affairs, and there were at least three, and think it was acceptable, just look to his mentor Black Ops battle buddies from Ft. Bragg who did ungodly things to a young female soldier and is only worried about having his pension reduced. Randy Scott picks up quick, despite suffering from convenience induced iphone amnesia, whether on how to record on them or how use software to locate them. He certainly made sure that the City of Columbia foots the $52,000 bill to secure his own pension, for which we are still servicing the debt.

    This is the self-serving petty nature of the men and women that Leslie G. Wiser, Jr. has recruited, for he is building a dream team for himself and a nightmare squad, or taskforce, for the rest of Columbia. If City Council or “Mayor” Benjamin wants to talk about civility, start the conversation by turning himself in.


    The City of Columbia has gone unchecked in their systematically predetermined plan to actually create crime in 5 points. The do this because as a hospitality district, 5 points qualifies for millions and millions of Hospitality Tax dollars, to the effect that every shooting, every fight, every public disturbance that ends with the USC President demanding more action is like a cash cow or winning lottery ticket for those proffering off such misery keep him in power. Lies are sold to a frightened public without recourse, much less shame.

    But that is only the beginning of an infinitely lucrative fraud of Homeland Security grant money as the cameras and tools of authoritarian martial law are billed once to the city of Columbia and then billed again to the Department of Homeland Security. This funds cannot be for existing projects Southey must shape an environment aTo keep the pyramid scheme going, the City Council issues bonds that are never paid so that we can buy bonds in a foreign government which has been sanctioned by the U.N. for War Crimes.

    In my 5 points Sammi’s Deli location, I once asked an officer if he was not embarrassed to spend taxpayer time soliciting donations for charities who never received any of the money. I asked him have some self-respect, and not to come back, as I was not interested. I was trying to run a business and that did not include giving away marginal profits to police whose salary I am already paying with a percentage of every dollar my business takes in, on top of their 2% hospitality district graft.

    They next day DHEC came and took my A, gave me a B, pointed out cracked ceiling tiles previously ignored, and a lack of soap in the bathroom. She said she had received an anonymous compliant. I told her whoever called in the complaint was the same person who had pettily stolen the soap dispenser out of my bathroom and then directed the Health Inspector to it before I could even notice during the lunch rush the inspector chose to visit.

    I have no problem with DHEC and in fact, it is how I know I am safe when take my own family out to eat. However, I have a huge problem with petty and corrupt officials using DHEC and the Columbia Fire Marshall as proxies in their socialist authoritarian takeover of constitutionally mandated rights against the absolute power of government, whether local, state, or federal.

    People such as Palmetto Security Systems, the company running what has to be the most unethical business model, whereby it is paid nearly a million dollars a year of tax payer money in racket that involves installing and “maintaining the network of high powered cameras that are spreading like wildfire, not in places with high crime rates, but in hospitality districts. These cameras are not owned by the city and there is absolutely zero oversight into how these devices are used or, more likely, abused.

    It is telling that the City of Columbia pays over and over again in each budget for the cameras but does not own them. What that nearly a million dollars in tax payer money doesn’t gets in cameras, it gets in the form of plausible denial for City of Columbia Police and officials when a need arises for the cameras to be conveniently “not working”. With every spike in crime, and every high profile reaction to it, there are more and more funds for Leslie Wiser to provide patronage to his wide reaching network of essentials who keep the dictator in power, be they his mercenaries or lord of war private contractors at the InfraGARD SLED Fusion Center Annex. It should be telling that dark mysterious Annexes are popping up in my home Columbia, SC just like they are in my home away from home, Benghazi, Libya,

    These small business owners which the City of Columbia incessantly harass, these are hardworking American citizens whose job is to serve their customers and their communities, not to serve the self-serving whims of incompetent, unqualified, and shamelessly petty pubic officials. That is not part of the business plan. If it were, it would be called racketeering and extortion, which is what CPD has now in his business plan cloaked as a mission statement. Tom Sponseller knew this.

    Worst of all, the businesses were taken over and shut down in America. The United States of America. America was once a place that stood for noble principles of square deals where hard work and sound ethics and a viable business plan determined whether a business prospered or failed for this was America, land of free and open market, free of the Communist and Socialist heavy hand of government dictating the needs of our economy so that government fat cats could get fatter from gnawing the bones of the middle class. Tom Sponseller dared to stand up to those who sought to undermine the free market principles of our nation with bloated government regulation and arbitrary codes that are selectively enforced. Tom Sponseller was a one man information clearinghouse who could see right through the bureaucratic jargons of ambiguously worded proposals and resolutions, to state to those he worked for, the common man and woman, in simple terms whether any proposed action was good for Columbia, or hospitable, or whether said proposal was bad for Columbia, or inhospitable. In protecting and defending the hospitable nature of the City of Columbia, Tom Sponseller protected very rights of citizens that could be so easily usurped with secret meetings and closed panels.

    Sammi’s Deli now has 2 locations instead of 7 is due to this exact, engrained, and systematic targeting of small businesses that act to serve their communities and customers rather than serve the clouded agendas of City of Columbia officials who have no shame is shuttering a business so that bars, restaurants, and other businesses which officials own or are associated with can maximize profits at the expense of all others who refuse to bend to their profit motivated agendas. We quit before the City of Columbia could take the pleasure of firing us, even though we are self-employed. Authoritarian Socialism was inhumane under Muamar Gaddafi and it is equally so under the City of Columbia.

    Facts: Everyone who touched the Sponseller case is tainted must be held to account for statements and actions, from the Columbia Police Department to the State Newspaper. The State Newspaper has been selectively cleansing its coverage of the case that is available online. The State Newspaper has much to answer for, as does Jennifer Timmons, for being the mouthpiece for blatantly false statements which were systematically engineered to create sensationalism, pettily and constantly attacking the character and integrity of Tom Sponseller as to draw as much attention as possible to a sabotaged investigation.


    Les Wiser used the Sponseller murder to fire and hire those who refused to accept his illegal and immoral incompetence. The reason Ida Green did not visit the crime scene is because she was on official leave, out of state. As a police officer with professional integrity, she held to city policy and respected the chain of command. The people who checked the building personally were Wiser and Santiago yet they accused Ida Green of giving false information which they, Wiser and Santiago gave false information to her while knowing in full certainty that was false and when Randy Scott asked her, she would, as planned, give Randy Scott the false information thereby creating a reason for her dismissal.

    Now, if Ida Green had actually gone to the crime scene and yet still not found Tom Sponseller, then might have been concern. However, had Wiser and Santiago not conspiratorially lied to her, the first thing Officer Green would have done is call the phone number written on the door. But Special Agent Wiser was on the scene and Officer Green could not undermine him even if she wanted to.

    It was known that she would not accept retirement, as once again, she is a police officer with professional integrity. This probably one reason why she has not been more vocal about the point that by replacing her, Wiser was able to elevate both his and Santiago’s status to forward their plan to militarize the CPD. There can be only two reasons why no one is talking. Up next: Fusion Center Non-Disclosure, the myth of Al Qaeda, Robert Maxwell, AIPAC, and Leslie G. Wiser: Bleeping Golden.

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