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    Nash Central High School and social media have been taken by storm because of an offensive photograph that was posted on the internet by fellow students. The picture that was posted on social media was very disturbing to a large quantity of students all over the Nash Rocky Mount Public School system, as well as parents, and the community. What really made this picture catch the public eye, was that this picture was released around the same time the Mike Brown verdict was announced. The ladies in the picture appear to be wearing all white and holding up "gun gestures" with their hands. People immediately associated this picture with the "KKK" group, due to pointy hats and white attire, and many people became irate about the picture. On social media, where the picture was posted, one of the ladies in the picture said that the hats were simply "party hats". This brought even more tension, because if you closely observe the picture, you can clearly see that these so called "party hats" were constructionally made, because the back of the paper hat is cut out, and there is a piece of tape holding the paper creation together.
    The next day the school was in chaos. There were people talking about the incident left and right and in fact, the girls had to be escorted by an officer or a staff member for every one of there classes because of the death threats, and jumping threats they received.
    When students began to ask why proper actions such as suspensions weren't taken place, the answer they received was “because the incident was not school related or did not happen upon school grounds or territory".
    But how is this NOT school related? This is baffling for the fact that you would think one should feel free from danger in a place such as school, that is so called quote-on-quote presumed to be “safe, sheltered, and guarded". I find it humorous that schools reserve labels such as being tobacco/drug free and weapon/gun free, but what about being intolerance or bigotry free? To my knowledge, several people have been suspended at NCHS for social media racy pictures because of them committing acts suck as smoking or drinking. It was said that school actions could not be pressed upon the party, but how come the other individuals who posted pictures on their social media of them drinking and smoking get suspended from school, if it was not school related? It was said that because the people who were posting pictures on social media of them doing adult acts were representing the school inappropriately, that is why the individuals got suspended for their actions in the pictures. However, going back to the pictures with the girls in all white and in the white constructed hats, one of the ladies in the photo is on the schools dance team so wouldn't she be representing the school inappropriately as well? It is complete contradictory! That would not be equality if you did not discipline one person for practically the same violation as another person did.
    This picture is ABSOLUTELY school related! This occurrence is disrupting the learning environment. Children at school are becoming irate, and instead of kids learning in class, they are too busy gossiping about the situation which is distracting them from their education! When people are irate, chaos and disorder are more likely to arise. Our children should feel safe and we should be able to go on with our day knowing that they are getting the best education. Not distracted by fracas!
    Overall, I fear that this occurrence WILL affect the students, the community, and the school system in many appalling ways if proper actions aren't taken.
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