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    President’s immigration plan: Your views

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    President Obama is Right on Immigration


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     Sophia0795 is a politically active Ohio student and immigration is close to her heart as her mother is a Polish immigrant. 'It makes me feel patriotic knowing that people want to come to the country where I was born. I wouldn't be here if it weren't for an immigrant believing in the American Dream.'
    - hhanks, CNN iReport producer

    After six years of congressional inaction on immigration reform, President Obama took executive action that ignited a fire in conservative critics. Now, people like Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) are portraying the President as a king, blasting him for granting "amnesty," even though Obama only delayed deportation and did not grant amnesty. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) recently echoed Cruz's opposition by introducing a senate bill to stop the executive order. This debate on immigration has underscored the unfair attacks continually waged at this President, and has also shown that many of us have forgotten what America is supposed to stand for.

    President Obama, also known as a "dictator," "tyrant,” and “King” by obnoxious right-wing blogs, is not the only president who has taken executive action on immigration. By taking executive action, President Obama joined Republican Presidents George H.W. Bush and Ronald Reagan in acting alone to fix broken parts of our immigration system. Granted, what President Obama did does not alone fix our immigration system and will not be comprehensive until congress takes action. However, taking the first step by delaying deportation was an act of compassion and common sense that reflects an admirable set of truly American values.

    The United States is supposed to be a “melting pot.” But we have allowed petty politics and bigotry get in the way of our ideals. What makes someone an American is not a piece of paper, but a shared belief in the idea that this country is the “land of opportunity,” and is one of the greatest nations on Earth. Those who come here—whether legally or illegally—do so not out of disdain for our country, but for a love of America.

    Undocumented immigrants who were brought here as children, who grew up here, and who know only this country as their home are just as American as I am. These young men and women should not be viewed as a burden, but as potential young talents. Even those who came here as adults and who have lived in the shadows for decades are now part of American society. It is immoral not to take action, to allow families to be torn apart, dreams to be shattered, and for people to be severed from the only place they call home.

    The time for action was not last month when President Obama issued his executive order. The time was six years ago, when President Obama acknowledged the problems in our immigration system and vowed to find a solution. Now is the time to remind ourselves to live by the American ideals of compassion and opportunity.

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