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    Okay chances are that after reading the title of this entry you are either intrigued or vaguely disgusted which is why I urge you to read on. Not too long ago the headlines were being dominated by the fact that a group known as....I'll just call them the Fuckers, hacked Sony Pictures' systems.


    So the Fuckers were sitting around and extremely bored when in between conversations of porn and D&D strategies they decided to do something big. The action they decided to take was in order to, presumably,impress a girl. In between peeing in cans of redbull and yanking it, they hacked Sony Picture's systems and bazinga, we have have a story. Due to this hack we know what the email communications of Hollywood executives are like.


    We found out a lot, like the fact that execs feel Kevin Hart is a whore and Leonardo DiCaprio is despicable. Fast forward and some insipid, raunchy comedy designed to make money and get laughs known as " The Interview" has become the subject of international strife. Go forward a a bit more and the film is being yanked because our moments of popcorn levity are being threatened by a bunch of basement virgins with too much time and not enough supervision.


    The threats are of 9-11 like attacks on movie theaters. I think it's an absolute crock of shit that a decision to yank a film has been made on the basis of a stupid baseless threat. Let's break 9-11 down in order to understand this. The attacks of 9-11 were attacks that weren't published, let alone suspected. The 9-11 attacks were attacks on American landmarks and symbols of freedom and the success of organized democracy. Okay so now that we understand this, what the hell?


    There is an untold number of movie theaters in this country, unless you are an old time kamikaze pilot chances are it will be incredibly difficult to land crash a plane into a theatre. So the next obvious vehicles are cars, mopeds, and mechanized toilets. I'm certain that none of these vehicles can do as much damage. Yes I'm taking this lightly because it's almost as bad as a Facebook feud between two teenagers OMG.


    The fact is that even if North Korea had something to do with this, all they are doing is showing how pathetic they are and the subpar quality of their leader, Kim Jong Un. What did they accomplish? We know a lot of gossip, we know that celebrities are seen as commodities and treated as such, big surprise. Kim Jong Un is a guy that takes advice from Dennis Rodman, and get's offended by a film he perceives to be a threat. Knowing the secrecy of the US Intelligence community, why would he take it so seriously? because he is an idiot.


    Little Kim, as I feel like referring to him, is a freaking 31 year old that was given a position he is not qualified for, that of world leader. If you go back nearly ten years you didn't hear threats like that after the release of " Team America World police." Little Kim's dad Kim Jong Il was a real threat and I'm certain he likely felt flattered being portrayed in puppet form.


    There is no reason to go to code red alert when we are being threatened by a bunch of jackasses with computer knowledge. Screw the threats and let's enjoy our freedom because she last I checked terrorists didn't make threats, the just caused mayhem. I get the concerns but this is too much, we are better than this.

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