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    Posted January 3, 2015 by
    Tampa, Florida

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    The Terrible But Important Facts About Swimming Pools

    There are facts that in life—especially in the city and the summer—most people could live a full life without knowing. Here we are going to appeal to your natural curiosity and tell you some of the gross but important facts about swimming pools—especially public ones. This will surely prompt you to get a pool service to clean yours after a neighborhood of kids have enjoyed their summer in yours!

    Yeah you knew it. We were going to mention the first thing that came to mind when we mentioned the phrase gross pool facts—feces is at the top of the list! You may think, OK, this is because kids poop their diapers or maybe incontinent people but it's not just that. The average swimmer in the space of 15 minutes of entering the pool will contribute at least 0.14 grams of duty to the pool! This is because we are immersed in water and that acts as a bath. We are bathed in all areas of our bodies and therefor will expel a certain amount of waste material. So, next time you think of procrastinating on the pool cleaning—just think of the contributions your pool guests make.

    E Coli:
    This is one of the contributions, among others we will investigate that have been found in 161 Atlanta area pools according to studies taken in that area. It was found to be at a level dangerous enough to cause sickness and those pools were shut down immediately. Kids are not the only ones to blame. Adults who don't shower with soap and water prior to entering the pool share in a lot of the blame. If you have to change a baby diaper then do so in a properly designated area and not poolside. This will cut the contamination possibility in half.

    Other Water Illnesses:
    These contaminates have risen in the past few years. These are found not only in swimming pools but in hot tubs and even water parks as well as the ocean and lakes. It's surprising how many folks believe that salt water kills everything and it doesn't. These bacterium will cause diarrhea and other infections of the gastrointestinal tract, the skin, the eye, ears and respiratory tract as well as neurologically speaking.
    Bonus Tip: Keep your chlorine and other chemicals level is essential because mixing chlorine with urine and fecal matter will actually use the chlorine and not a sufficient level will left to kill the germs. Also, chlorine doesn't kill germs instantly.

    So, this was pretty serious huh? Well, it is but the good news is, there are so many things we can do to prevent these things from happening. Good hygiene coupled with a respect for the water with care and attention to the chemical levels should leave everyone healthy and enjoying the fun all year long. After all we're a hot state and very susceptible to things but also great fun!
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