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    How To Recognize A Pulled Elbow In A Children


    It may sound crazy but a pulled elbow is a common injury but can be hard to recognize and if it isn't addressed soon, it could cause further injury leading to possible abnormal growth or an additional injury needing rehabilitation. Here we will teach you how this can happen, how to recognize the injury and how to relieve the injury.

    About the Source of the Elbow Injury:
    Elbow injuries are one of the most common injuries in a child. Sometimes this is done while at play and other times it's by parents' actions with handling the child. This happens more often in little boys than girls. Sometimes a sport the child is involved in will require a repetitive movement and will create the injury from aggravating the affected area. Most times if you catch it on the onset and address it—it should heal with no further issue.

    Specifics About the Causes:
    The injury occurs when the soft tissue inside the elbow gets caught inside the joint of the elbow where it opens and closes. It may not even swell. So, visually noticing the injury may not be possible without an X ray. But, the child will generally hold on to the arm and not want to bend it or bend it and not want to straighten it out depending on when the tissue got stuck—on the action of bending or straightening out. Generally there will be tears too because this is not a fun injury at all.

    Diagnosis and Treatment:
    The physician will examine the joint and the surrounding tissue to rule out any other cause for the pain or any other type of injury. Once it has been determined that this is the correct injury the physician will then proceed to manipulate the arm in order to release the stuck tissue. This is extremely painful most of the time but harmless so don't be alarmed if the child shows a lot of tears! They will get over it but that arm is going to be sore.

    Other Common Elbow Conditions:
    Other common elbow injuries include what is commonly known as Little Leaguer's Elbow. This occurs when there is a repetitive motion being made while playing a sport like pitching a ball or swinging a bat. This is treated by resting for a week or so without playing and icing the area.

    Fractured elbows are also common. This generally happens when they take a fall and the arm is outstretched. The symptoms for this are far more acute than any of the above, but a pulled elbow can mimic the same symptoms. Only an evaluation at the emergency clinic will tell you which is which and treatment can be administered.

    Childhood injuries can be fully healed and recovered from if addressed in the proper time. It's only when left too long or the injury repeats itself in the same spot over time that long term issues arise.
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