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    Posted January 3, 2015 by
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    Neck Pain In Toddlers


    Neck pain is a common injury that we see in toddlers at Doctors Express. Neck pain can mean a variety or combination of things. We feel that education to prevent these injuries and to make sure you are coming to the emergency clinic when necessary is in order. It saves the crowds at the clinic as well as your time and misery if you know how to identify what's an emergency and what isn't.


    About Stiff Necks in Toddlers:
    Toddlers can experience neck pain for a variety of reasons—but—the reasons are important to know. Why? Because it will mean the difference between taking a trip to the ER and not the walk in clinic or just a little rest and a heating pad. We would like to tell you that it's nothing serious but—it may be and if it's a childhood disease that has associated pain and stiffness then quick action is needed.


    This is a condition by which a toddler keeps their head to one side and can't turn it back easily. This happens sometimes due to the position in the womb. It's normally diagnosed in infancy but this can also happen in the toddler stage and can be a warning sign of a tumor in the brain or spinal cord.


    Neck Strains and Pulls:
    Neck injuries can happen when a child plays a sport or carries something that is too heavy for them as well as sleeping in an unfavorable position. These injuries should work themselves out within a couple of weeks. If it doesn't then seeing a doctor would prove beneficial—of for no other reason than to rule out any other causes.
    If your child has sustained a fall or a hard hit to the back or neck area. Make sure they are kept in whatever position they are in at the time of injury and unless there is grave danger to the child in moving them—keep them still and call 911.


    The rescue teams with have to lift your child by use of a special board to prevent a possible lethal injury to the child or one that could cause paralysis.


    Critical Conditions:
    Bacterial Meningitis and Spinal Meningitis are conditions of the lining of the brain becoming infected. This can cause severe permanent brain damage and inevitable death if left untreated. Some symptoms could be incredible pains in the legs or, an inspiration to pull the legs in toward their bodies. Both happen when you gently push the child’s neck forward. In this case get the child to an emergency clinic for further diagnoses or emergency room.


    Childhood injury is common, but many childhood injuries can look and feel like more serious conditions. If you suspect anything other than a clearly defined, minor injury to any part of your child’s body, then, a trip to the emergency clinic should be in order. The life and healthy development of a child is too precious and delicate to take chances with.

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