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    Reusable Plastic Bulk Containers The New Trend In Transporting Goods


    Reusable packaging systems are revolutionizing the way goods and products are transported and stored. What was once a wasteful system of cardboard and packaging materials has now been transformed to meet today’s environmental needs. Reusable plastic bulk containers have a more important role to play than ever in helping improve material handling efficiencies and helping to address supply chain environmental challenges. In choosing a supplier of plastic bulk containers for a reusable system, it is important to do several things. One is to make sure you have a financial analysis done to see how the system will cut your costs, the other is to research the company to make sure their system of handling the supply chain meets your needs.


    Eco-Friendly Way To Transport Products With A Reusable Container System


    It's more eco-friendly to transport products and goods using a reusable shipment container system. Shipping sustainably is not a self-contained process. Companies that implement sustainable packaging programs cut their transportation costs greatly, but it takes working with an experienced provider of reusable containers to get it right. The savings continue to accumulate and ultimately increase profit margins as a business by a significant margin once overspending on shipping costs is eliminated. When changing from single use packaging to reusable packaging there are certain concerns that can arise.


    Reducing your packaging can help save your company money, but sometimes at the expense of other luxuries that come with cardboard make sure you identify these when switching and discuss them with your reusable container provider. Companies that use reusable plastic bulk containers include automotive, food and grocery, pharmaceutical, electronics, aerospace, chemicals, textile, beverage, produce, and more. In considering reusable packaging systems it is recommended that an inclusive analysis of the system you use be done in order to ensure an effective implementation.


    Meeting the Bulk Transport Challenge


    Reusable plastic bin containers and packaging pallets, containers, and other items are used multiple times in the supply chain for the purpose of moving product from manufacturing to retail. In order for these containers to be considered reusable they must meet certain requirements. This includes an existing process for reuse or recycle of the package at the final end of use. Another requirement is that the container be reused for the same or similar application. Design requirements for the container must be able to meet three consecutive uses. It is also required that the container be inspected before reissue back into the supply chain. Being informed of these regulations is important when choosing a container supplier or implementing the reusable container bin system into your business.


    A systematic, well-planned reusable packaging program makes sense for many types of applications, particularly those with high volumes of solid waste, frequent shrinkage or product damage, expensive expendable packaging, or recurring single-use packaging costs. Problems with underutilized trailer space in transportation are another reason to implement a sustainable packaging program. Inefficient warehouse space and worker safety can also benefit from the system. Researching and meeting in person with suppliers of plastic bulk containers is a smart way to get a better understanding of the system and choose one that is right for your company.

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