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    Posted January 24, 2015 by
    Los Angeles, California
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    My 'Starbucks Boy'


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     "Celebrating Valentine's Day is always special for us, for it's not just love we are celebrating -- it's also celebrating fate that brought us back together so many years ago."

    I always dreamt I would meet my future husband in line at the grocery store. I would be buying spaghetti and he would be buying spaghetti sauce. Our eyes would lock and the rest would be history. In the end this isn't how we ended up meeting, but telling the true story of how we met is something that still makes me smile.


    It was 2002 and I was in college in Jacksonville, Florida. I often found myself studying at my local Starbucks and had become quite smitten with the cute Starbucks barista. Each night I would return home and tell my roommate about Starbucks Boy. Each night my roommate would tell me to go back and get his number. One evening during one of my "study" sessions, Starbucks Boy came to my table with a free piece of chocolate cake. At this point I felt that he either felt the same way about me or he just felt sorry for the guy who keeps coming into his store alone each night. As he started closing up the store I knew it was now or never. I marched right up to the counter and slipped a Starbucks napkin across the counter. "Call me sometime", I said. When telling this story in person I say it with a cool-guy tone, but I'm sure in reality my voice cracked and I giggled like a school girl. I then left, very proud, and of course anticipated a call. My phone, however, never rang and for the rest of college I had to drive farther to a different Starbucks.


    It was now 2004 and the summer after graduation. A friend of mine called me and said she had just met this great guy at a party and thinks we would make the cutest couple. She asked if she could set us up on a blind date and after a few minutes of convincing, I agreed to the date. A few days later I found myself at a bar on the beach awaiting the arrival of a random stranger. A few minutes later, in walked my date - Starbucks Boy. As he started to approach me I of course immediately recognized him. He smiled, realizing who I was, but me wanting to play it cool I acted as though I just simply didn't remember him. He asked if I remembered him and after giving up on my act I had to ask, "Why didn't you call?" He said he was dating someone at the time so he couldn't call. He held on to my number though for the longest time but then finally threw it away, and said he would leave it up to fate.


    Seven years later, in the summer of 2011, I woke up and prepared to marry the love of my life. I wrote on a Starbucks napkin and slid it under his door. It said "Starbucks Boy, will you marry me today?"


    Our story didn't involve a grocery store, spaghetti or spaghetti sauce, but I wouldn't change it for the world. We are about to celebrate our 11 Year Anniversary and now live in Los Angeles, California with our adopted 17 month old son, Hayden. Celebrating Valentine's Day is always special for us, for it's not just love we are celebrating - it's also celebrating fate that brought us back together so many years ago.


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