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    Posted February 1, 2015 by

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    Manny and Floyd: Some Thoughts


    The sports world is going nuts about the Super Bowl and with good reason, nothing like a nice ball game to ease the worries of the coming week. This story is not about the Super Bowl though, it's about the re ignited interest in a possible showdown between boxing icons Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. This past week the two saw eye to eye, for the first time ever, at a Miami Heat game. I must have read at least five stories praising the fact that these two finally came to terms. There we go again, making assumptions and allowing speculation to run afoul of reality.


    This fight is not that likely to happen, and if it ever does it will be a smash at the retirement home. Manny Pacquiao is not the killing machine he was several years ago, he can still hit but he's not the same. Floyd Mayweather is a defensive genius but he tends to engage in close quarters more than before. On the basis of the two aforementioned facts this would be a great fight even at this stage, but it's precisely for those types of reasons the fight won't likely happen. Floyd doesn't want to risk getting hit from angles he may no longer be able to defend against and he doesn't want to risk losing his perfect record. Something about retiring undefeated is more appealing than 50 million to Floyd.


    There are a lot of interesting facts that one must look at. Pacquiao is a great fighter now, but he was built into that, Floyd on the other hand is a naturally gifted defensive fighter. Common sense will tell you that Floyd could handle a guy whose attributes are volume and odd movement. Floyd has faced awkward fighters before and handled them fairly easily but that doesn't mean he would handle Pacquiao easily. In handling Tim Bradley Pacquiao was flawless. If you go by Floyd's shoulder roll technique it's likely he would frazzle Pacquiao since Pacquiao likes to use his momentum and odd movement to come in from odd angles. There are also factors such as power that make this a compelling fight. Manny is not a big guy but he hits hard and he likes to hit leaning and and moving forward, a recipe for a knockout. If Juan Manuel Marquez countered Pacquiao and took him out, chances are Floyd may well hit a two or three punch comb that would stop Pacquiao.


    Unless the two of them lace them up and fight we won't know who's better. Pacquiao's willingness now comes from likely being in a financial quagmire, while Floyd likely just wants to minimize the risk of defeat and would rather finish out his career with 2 easier fights and 45 million dollars richer. This fight would have been amazing five years ago, right now and in my humble opinion, it's just a cash register that's not likely to be opened and if it were it would only be a benefit to the fighters accounts.

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