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    “Inside the Garbage of the World”: The Ugly Truth About Plastic Pollution and Urgent Call To Action

    Artists have their own way of pursuing their passion. Philippe and Maxine Carillo turned to film as the most certain medium to get their message across to the world. Their documentary, “Inside the Garbage of the World”, is an informative, in-depth expose that unveils the dramatic situation occurring with plastic pollution in our Oceans and the alarming truth about how it’s affecting our very lives.

    So what sets their film apart from the sea of other environmental documentaries and trending causes these days? Director Phillippe Carillo explains that it was an entirely self financed endeavor with no other agenda but to give people the real facts about the specific effects of plastic pollution and the real solutions where every individual can take simple action for actual change. “We knew that lecturing people over and over wasn’t going to be a very effective way of spreading awareness. We needed to appeal to audiences on a much bigger scale and use visual images, sound and music to impact them with the facts,” Carillo says.

    Living on a boat in Oxnard, California with the ocean literally their backyard, Carillo explains that their own call to action was ignited when they were walking along the beach one day and noticed the massive amount of plastic garbage that had washed up on the shore. They began to do their research and not only were they alarmed by what they found, but at how little people know about what is already impacting our lives today.

    Rather than wasting valuable time with the frustrating run around typically experienced by filmmakers trying to get their projects financed, the Carillos gave themselves the immediate “greenlight”, investing their own money, buying their own equipment and enlisting the help of expert scientists and oceanographers such as Captain Moore of the Algalita Marine Research Institute, Anna Cummins of 5 Gyres Institute, Dr. Andrea Neal of Jean-Michel Cousteau and Mary Crowley of the Ocean Voyage Institute.

    The 6-month process resulted in a high quality Full HD documentary that is already making waves at major film festivals, screening at esteemed venues around the world and most importantly, affecting the audiences who see it. In addition to unfolding the myth of the Plastic Trash Island, the film exposes many alarming facts such as the research conducted by Captain Moore in the area of the Eastern Pacific Gyre. In 1999, the ratio of plastic to plankton was 6 to 1 and in 2009 that amount had increased to 36 to 1.

    “If plastic continues to kill marine life at the rate it is now, you can imagine how bad it's going to be if we don't act pretty quick. Our fisheries will collapse in as little as ten years,” Carillo warns. The film also gives us the cold hard facts about the myth of the recycling movement. “People also don't realize how ineffective recycling has been to suffice as a solution. Plastic is still being used in excess and its ridiculous to rely on the honor system of everyone taking it upon themselves to use recycling bins. The real power is in our pocket books, if we stop buying plastic products, companies will be forced to start selling better alternatives,” says Carillo.

    Phillippe Carillo has had a long and successful career as a sound engineer on over 50 commercials and 65 documentaries with major companies such as BBC, Planet France and 20th Century Fox. Maxine Carillo has also seen a string of success as a model, actor and screenwriter. But for both of them, making films that inform people and inspire positive changes to the planet has been the most rewarding type of success they’ve experienced thus far and they plan on continuing to do just that.

    “We didn't make this film for personal recognition or anything like that, we made it for the people of this world, to empower them with the facts and the personal responsibility to become part of the solution. Even if 10% of the population did their part and stopped consuming plastic and participated in beach cleanups it would make a huge difference.”

    To find out more about Philippe and Maxine Carillo and their film "Inside the Garbage of the World," go directly to the website: http://www.pcmcfilms.com

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