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    Businesses That Got an Authority Boost For Free During The Super Bowl


    Though companies don’t suit up and take the field on Super Bowl Sunday, they are very much out to the win the game when it comes to their advertisements.


    In fact, winning the coveted award of “the best super bowl ad” is the dream of virtually every company across America.


    As a result, these companies willingly pay $4.5 million for a 30-second shot to come out victorious. In some cases; however, companies that don’t place ads also get an advertising boost from the Super Bowl, without even trying.


    Below, you will read about the best and worst traditional commercials seen during the Super Bowl, followed by some examples of companies that benefited from the game without spending a dime:


    Best and Worst Commercials of 2015:


    This year Budweiser’s heart-warming commercial took home the award for the best super bowl commercial. The commercial featured a fearless and determined puppy and the much beloved and always majestic Budweiser Clydesdales.


    The message portrayed was uplifting and inspiring and it also featured both horses and a puppy. What could be better? It made viewers smile and added to the overall pleasantries of watching the Super Bowl.


    On the other hand, Nationwide’s ad failed miserably, as its commercial was neither inspiring nor uplifting.


    In fact, it was downright depressing. The commercial told the story of a child who lost his life due to a needless and preventable childhood accident.


    On the surface, this message would seem a good one. After all, telling parents to be mindful of childhood accidents and to encourage overall safety is a good idea.


    However, the manner in which it was communicated was simply wretched.


    Companies That Got a Boost Independent of a Commercial:




    Before the last meaningful play of the game, that being the interception by the Patriot’s rookie cornerback Malcolm Butler, the star of the game had been a virtual unknown Seahawk player named Chris Matthews.


    It just so happened that Mr. Matthews was previously employed by Footlocker, a fact which was repeated over and over again by the announcers. As a result, both Footlocker and Chris Matthews began trending on Twitter whenever he would have success on the field.
    It is worth noting; however, that Footlocker didn’t advertise the traditional way but was thrust into the spotlight due to something unforeseen. In this case, a former employee having unexpected success on the national spotlight did the trick.


    Jack Mize, the co-founder of Authority Alchemy, a branding consulting firm stated, “An organic and story driven narrative like Footlocker experienced, will resonate with the public far more than any multi-million dollar commercials.”




    Another such example transpired two years ago as a result of an unexpected power outage that occurred in the middle of the Super Bowl. During the blackout, a representative of the Oreo company tweeted “you can still dunk in the dark.”


    As a result of this tweet, Oreo was talked about perhaps more than any other company, including those that created expensive commercials to be played during the game.


    Companies often benefit from the huge audience that is garnered by the Super Bowl through their well-constructed commercials. However, it doesn’t always take a great Super Bowl ad to propel a company into the national spotlight during the big game.


    Sometimes, companies can benefit in an almost serendipitous way that is anything but predictable.


    Regardless of how they make their mark, be it planned or otherwise, the Super Bowl most certainly gives companies the opportunity to share their message with all of America.

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