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    Posted February 7, 2015 by
    Albany, New York
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    Your message to parents who don’t vaccinate

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    I thought we lived in the land of the free...

    ....but apparently those freedoms which so many people take for granted are being infringed upon again and again. Now we must fight for the right NOT to vaccinate our children and ourselves. Certain politicians are making waves with mandatory vaccine talk. This angers me as no one has the right to inject anything into me or my children against our will. What's next? Mandatory sterilization for those who cannot afford children? Mandatory meals at school so no one brings in food to the classroom that may set off an allergic reaction in another child? Taking obese children away from their parents so their parents can no longer keep feeding them bad food that will eventually lead to an early death? Where do we stop? If we allow these freedoms to be stepped on over and over eventually we will live under totalitarian rule.

    I once vaccinated my children when they were babies. But over time I became concerned about the potential harmful side effects. I am not talking about autism. I am talking about seizures, paralysis, and even death. I am a nurse and have read those vaccine inserts. I have studied the science. I agree medical science has come a long ways. But it still has a long ways to go. I have seen children and adults die from the actual treatments meant to cure. For example, chemotherapy, TPA, and surgical procedures. Almost all medicine comes with a risk. As consumers, we are all directly responsible for weighing those risks. And as parents we are responsible for our children and their welfare.

    So we get into the emotional debate of whose child is more important? The child who can't be vaccinated due to a transplant or allergy, or the child who is healthy and has a severe adverse reaction to a vaccine and dies? Pro-vaccine people feel that the risk is so small as to be almost non-existent. Therefore they believe all children should be vaccinated to protect the few that cannot be vaccinated. This has turned into not only a human rights issue, but also an ethical issue. And the only answer I see is this: make vaccines 100% safe....no side effects, no seizures, not even redness or soreness at the injection site. Then and only then would I vaccinate my children. Even then I would not want it to be forced or mandated. That crosses the human rights issue - that we as human beings have the right to decide what goes in our bodies.

    If your child is one of those who cannot be vaccinated and you live in fear of those diseases...I am truly sorry for your pain. However protecting your child at the expense of my child's health is not right. I have the right to keep my children healthy the way I choose. People who have children with life threatening allergies live in fear every day like you do. What are we supposed to do? Ban peanuts nationwide to protect those with severe peanut allergies? No, those parents go through leaps and bounds and all sorts of hoops to protect their child, but not at the expense of another child's health. I know some schools that ban any nuts from the school including those who pack their lunch. But not having peanut butter for lunch is not going to harm those healthy children. It's an annoyance at best. However you want me to inject my child with chemicals that are not deemed 100% safe in order to protect your child who you want to be able to live freely in this world safe from communicable disease? All this does is boil down to whose child is more important. That cannot be debated.

    But let's take this one step further....what did you do this winter with your immunocompromised child? You could not have possibly sent them to school. Didn't you hear that the flu vaccine was highly ineffective this year? Your child could very easily die from the flu. What did you do? I pray you kept them quarantined at home. Going to the grocery store could be deadly. Flu vaccines will never be highly effective due to the nature of the virus. Does that mean you never let your child out during flu season for the rest of their lives? No, you implement ways to keep exposure down. You have your child wear a mask and wash their hands frequently. There will always be disease that cannot be eradicated. You will unfortunately always live in fear. And I'm sorry your child has to go through such hardships. Life is not always fair. And I can only imagine the difficult things you and your child must endure to get through each day. But please do not compare your child's life with mine. Please do not think your child should be protected more than my child. That is ethically wrong.

    Here is what you should do: press the vaccine companies to make vaccines 100% safe. Force them to provide a vaccine that does not contain harmful additives. Research ways to make your child more healthy despite their current health problems. But please stop insisting I inject my child with harmful chemicals in order to help save your child. If you feel so strongly about vaccines being mandatory for all, then please move to one of the socialist countries that provide such protection. We live in a country where freedom is paramount. We need to protect those freedoms. If not then our country will no longer be the land of the free, but the land of the submissive.
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