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    Posted February 12, 2015 by
    Fresh Meadows, New York
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    I waited for you


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     In China 30 years ago, it was considered very bold for a young girl to ask for a man's number. But Ting Qian approached Ning Wang "with an innocent sweetness."

    We met on a Yangtze River group cruise. She was 19 and I was 26.
    On the last day of the trip, she started to collect phone numbers of everyone in our group. It's considered very bold for a young girl asking for a man's number, especially true when it was 30 years ago in China! But she did that all with an innocent sweetness.
    Her innocence and boldness led to a beautiful marriage and our new life in the U.S. All these years we are together in the U.S. she is always the adventurer. I will say wherever the danger is, wherever she will like to go.
    In 2009, we bought a vacation home at Pocono, PA, which is a very bold move for wage earners like us.
    After I showed no interest in buying a fancy vacation home at Pocono, she came to me asking if we can go to see the beautiful Pocono Mountain, and since we are there, we can visit the beautiful house for sale she saw online.
    It’s just a fall field trip, she said.
    That field trip ended up with us bought a 3,400 square feet house in the heart of Pocono.
    Living in Pennsylvania enables us to see what the America really is, which is very different from the one we saw living in New York. Living in the Pocono has made us so happy!
    Comparing to her, I usually think I am quicker at thinking, faster at action. Waiting for her is what I do if we do things together. I have to wait for her to finish her dinner, waiting for her put on dresses, waiting for her to come out of bathroom, etc. Since I am older than her, I sometimes joke about that I waited for her to grow up so I can marry her.
    But to tell the truth here, sometimes I can’t help but thinking that she might be the one fully used the freedom we have got here in the United State in order to fulfill our American dream. She is the one went ahead of me and waited for me.


    This picture here was taken 28 years ago in the summer we just got married, right before I came to the United States to study, leaving her alone in Shanghai to wait nervously for the visa to join me, at the decision of a U.S. councilor.
    She got the very-hard-to-get visa and joined me 7 months later. The word from the councilor who issued her the visa was: "I feel sorry that you and your husband have been separated for 7 months right after you two got married. Go hurry to join your husband!"
    (Ning Wang and Ting Qian)

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