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    The Rising Cases Of Telepathy In Autism - Why Are The Scientists Ignoring This Fact ?


    In recent times more and more cases of children with Autism exhibiting Telepathic abilities is being reported in the social media. While this seems to be doing the rounds on Facebook, Linkedin and Youtube, professionals and scientists working in the field of autism seem to largely ignore this fact.


    Why is this so ?


    Are they apprehensive that discovering that telepathy is indeed a common occurrence in autism would shake the very foundations of how they are going about trying to find the cause of autism, especially those who are following the elusive gene trail?


    With billions of dollars being poured into autism research , how would the discovery of more such cases affect the autism scenario ?


    Here are a few examples of reported cases of telepathy in Autism that cannot be taken lightly. What if investigating more such cases actually leads to the "cure" in Autism ?


    The first case is about a child with Non-Verbal autism who lives in India. Chandrakanth is eight years old and he can read the minds of his teachers and the doctors who examine him and he is able to write their thoughts, in their own language even though he does not know any language.

    “Even if you think in Chinese or Russian or any other language, he will reproduce it on paper,” said C.P. Aboobacker, retired civil surgeon, who has examined him and tested him.


    All those who attempted to test Chandrakanth testify to his exceptional telepathic skills. “If anyone thinks this child is a nuisance or difficult to handle, he will sense it,” said Dr. Aboobacker.


    The second case is this link to a video on Youtube where a five year old child with Autism is demonstrating telepathy :




    Then there is this case where the investigator Dr.Diane Powell describes her experience with a non-verbal girl with autism who demonstrated the irrefutable evidence of Telepathy using a tool called the "Talker". She is working towards identifying and documenting more such cases.


    All these case reports raise more uncomfortable questions than answers.And just because certain facts about autism are being revealed that do not seem to make "scientific sense" does not mean that the majority of scientists and researchers in autism conveniently ignore them.


    This is what Dr.Rajalakshmi Kandaswamy, Autism Expert featured on CNN-IBN and Author of the book 'How To Heal Autism And ADHD In 30 days : The Phenomenally Powerful Breakthrough Of Intent Healing(TM)' had to say on the topic of Telepathy in Autism " ALL children with autism are born with the innate ability to exhibit and apply Telepathy. In fact, they are constantly tuning in to the minds of their parents, caregivers, teachers who are with them and are getting caught up in all the disturbing energies that they sense in the energies of people around them. In short, the root cause of Autism is Energy disturbance. And this gets amplified when they lack the boundaries between their minds and the minds and thoughts of the people around them. Thought is energy too and so the energy fields of autistic people gets affected more often than not, adversely rather than beneficially, by the energy fields of the people around the autistic person. Once this disturbance is corrected, ALL the limiting symptoms in autism disappear and the child is able to thrive with their unique gifts and talents."


    Maybe therein lies the key to help children with autism gain freedom from all the symptoms that are preventing them from being able to lead more or less normal lives with ease. Understanding Telepathy in autism could open doors especially in Non-Verbal autism for the child to communicate their needs and get them fulfilled without frustration. It is high time more scientists and researchers started evaluating and documenting this increasing occurrence in autism.

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