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    HIIT it: The Benefits on Interval Training

    High Intensity Interval Training, more affectionately known as HIIT, is all the rage the days, but what exactly is it? Well it is any broad number of workouts that alternate between high intensity bursts of physical activity and lower intensity rest periods. This could be as simple as biking at a very high intensity for 30 seconds and then biking casually for a minute and so on. This HIIT model can be applied to anything: running, biking, elliptical, rowing, squats, high knees, burpees, lunges, etc. Everyone is all abuzz about HIIT but one may wonder what is so great about it

    Dr. Candice Seti San Diego Clinical Psychologist and Certified Personal Trainer said “When it comes to exercise, your options are pretty extensive, but a lot of people are using the term HIIT lately and raving about its benefits. That's because it is a wonderfully efficient and effective way to approach cardiovascular exercise.”

    Time Savings

    Well, the time saving aspect of doing HIIT instead of steady state cardio is definitely the best benefit for most people. It is a common misperception that you need to spend an excessive amount of time on a cardio machine to get the fat and calorie burning benefits of exercise. The HIIT model proves just the opposite to be true; In just 15 minutes of HIIT you can see more results that jogging on the treadmill for an hour! Basically, this intensive type of workout burns more fat in less time than steady state cardio. So, now you can fit in a great workout during your lunch break, before or after work, or in that hour break that you didn't think was long enough...no more excuses!

    Anywhere Anytime

    The other beautiful thing about HIIT is that you can do it anywhere and anytime! If you have access to a gym, you can create a HIIT workout on any of the cardio equipment there. No gym? No problem! Head out to the park or any stretch of grass and do running or skipping intervals. Stuck in a hotel room? That's a perfect place for squat or high knee intervals. Just about anything that gets your body moving intensely will work if you can slow it down and speed it up. So, nothing is off limits and no location can stop you from getting in a good workout!

    Higher Metabolism/More Fat Burning

    Yet another fabulous benefit to HIIT is that this intensive type of exercise stimulates Human Growth Hormone (HGH) production, the hormone that we can thank for burning more calories. HGH actually ensures that body continues burning calories for up to 24 hours after a HIIT workout, so even when you are done, your body is still working! In addition, the result of engaging in high-intensity intervals is an oxygen shortage in your body. This creates an effect knows as Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC). EPOC also creates a monstrous metabolic boost for your body for 24-48 hours post-exercise. EPOC is one of the main reasons HIIT helps you burn so much more fat that simple steady state cardio.

    Preserve Your Muscle

    Finally, we all know how effective muscle can be to our body- protecting our bones and joints as well as helping us burn calories more steadily throughout the day. And you work hard to get that muscle on your body, so you don't want to lose it! HIIT workouts help you maintain your muscle and even encourage their growth and development while regular steady state cardio can actually be associated with muscle loss.
    Before you go out there and become a HIIT junkie- here are a few things to keep in mind:
    • Don't do it everyday- just like its name, HIIT is high-intensity, which means it can put stress on your body. Make sure you let your body rest for at least a day or two in between HIIT workouts.
    • Remember, the key is the force yourself through the high-intensity intervals and allow your heartrate to come back down during the low-intensity intervals.
    • Getting bored- HIIT allows you to change up your workout everything! Use a different cardio machine or custom design your own HIIT workouts every time- one day you can do jumping lunges for your high intensity intervals and crunches for your low intensity intervals. The next workout you can do jump rope for your high intensity and low intervals. A third workout can be burpees for high intensity and walking for low intensity. The options are limitless!

    So, now that you know what it's all about, create your own HIIT program and saving time and burning more fat!
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