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    Interview with Hersh Davis-Nitzberg CEO of Repair Bad Reputation


    Repair Bad Reputation is a private held boutique reputation management firm that first launched offices in Beverly Hills in 2007.  The firm now has offices in New York, Miami, and Chicago. I had the opportunity to sit down with the CEO, Hersh Davis-Nitzberg, and founder of Repair Bad Reputation for an informal interview.  My initial questions pertained to the number of companies in this market and I wanted to better understand what distinguishes Repair Bad Reputation from other companies who offer similar services. “Good reputation management needs to be looked at to access the company or individual’s goal’s, There is no off the shelf formula for what will and will not work. We take an in depth look at the current needs of the client and create a personalized campaign that will meet the needs of the client.  Companies can execute similar strategies regardless of the needs of a client, although these campaigns will yield short term results often times the negative properties will return.  You will find yourself needing to find another firm.  Another thing that is important is that we have turned down institutional investors.  We don’t have a board of directors expecting to hit sales goals, if we don’t think we can help we won’t.  A lot of people ask me about an exit strategy, we are building a long term business so the confidence we build with our clients will last forever.   To me reputation is more valuable than money.”

    I asked Davis-Nitzberg about better defining his market.  Hid firm was originally established doing reputation work for celebrities, politicians and musicians, the business has changed and markets have grown out of a world of search engines and the tremendous power they have. “We live in a world where in many ways we have lost our privacy. Concerns over freedom of speech trump privacy needs.  What that means is that anyone can take a picture of you and within minutes it could be at 20 million homes.  You have high school students going into college knowing the admission officers are going to look them up. Human resource departments are thorough and look at everything.  These background checks include information about forum posts. Small business is the biggest part of the industry. Sites like google local and yelp have a tremendous effect on spending habits.  Say what you want about yelp, but a half star increase in yelp, is said to increase business by nine percent. The market this past year has blown wide open.  We have retired men looking to increase positive information because it is an investment in their legacy.  Online dating is an interesting one as people struggle to get positive information spread about them. The health care industry is huge. People look up their doctors so protecting online statements in real time is needed.  Of course the market of celebrities, musicians and politicians do pay very well, but I imagine that will change.”

    The need to hire a reputation management firm can be a hard thing to swallow. It is absolutely imperative that the firm you hire will not disclose your information, most people for good reason do not want to disclose that they are hiring a firm.  What I find even more interesting is that many people don’t realize they need the help. It is so difficult to think about that they would rather turn a blind eye.

    I asked Davis-Nitzberg about the dark side of reputation management.  Even some statements on Wikipedia seem to judge the business. “If you are going to hire a doctor, you need to look around, you may not be able to get a reference but you can learn a lot. I have lost deals to companies in the field who promise you a perfect reputation with unrealistic guarantees and close their business before you can do anything about getting your money back. One of the bigger issues with the reputation management business is that scam artists will take advantage of people who are scared. Some companies don’t have the best interest of their clients at heart.  They are six months old, they have no online reviews about them, they could be based out of Russia, and sadly many of them go out of business the second that your check is cashed. It is terrible because it gives a bad name to a business that is very important in today’s changing needs of the general public.


    Davis-Nitzberg goes on to say “There are some great firms with hard working and intelligent individuals. You need to do your research. How long have they been in business?  What kind of reviews do you find online?  I know things may be scary, but would you rush to hire a lawyer? Would you rush when looking for a doctor?  Take a step back, take a deep breath, and think about the decision you are making.”  Repair Bad Reputation is a company that offers reputation management services that seem different.  Davis-Nitzberg seems to care about others.  As he says, “Repair Bad Reputation puts your reputation first and effectively finds a way to improve your reputation or your company’s reputation. We work to push negative content off the first pages of online searches.” For more information About Davis – Nitzberg you can visit his site at http://davisnitzberg.com/.

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