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    Posted March 21, 2015 by
    Yukon, Oklahoma
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    Fighting the Islamic State in a lot of ways is like fighting the war on drugs

    A follow up to the article on CNN IReport's page

    Fighting the War on Terrorism

    Fighting the Islamic State in a lot of ways is like fighting the war on drugs.
    To actually “win’ this war one has to attack the problem at its very core.

    We have spent literally billions of dollars working on trying to stop drug production and its trafficking. What we have failed to do is spend our efforts on stopping the demand the product to begin with. To many this is known as the “Cabbage Patch Doll” theory.
    There was a point in time where people were flooding malls and even sometimes robbing people as they left to get a Cabbage Patch Doll. People would spend over a thousand dollars; one woman even robbed her child’s education fund to buy one.
    This behavior has been repeated over and over again with several different products; Beanie Babies, Pokémon Cards, and almost anything that has Hello Kitty on it.
    In the end once this “need’ for the product fizzles out, the market dries up and goes away.
    As long as there are people in this country and others willing to spend millions of dollars for illegal narcotics there will always be a drug market and people willing to do anything to fill this need. As long as there is a drug market there will always be crime and violence that is associated with it from forcing people to grow, refine, and transport the product as well as those who rake in billions of dollars from sustaining it.

    One might ask “How does this apply to the ISIS campaign?” For literally thousands of years a small group of people have profited from maintaining basic control of a large number of people using what they call religious law. They have supported human rights violations against women and have convinced many people all those who do not adhere to their agenda have to be met with violence and even death. This is not simply limited to the Arab world but several other places as well. Organizations like the Aryan Nation, the KKK, and several gangs and cartels operate here in the US using basically the same tactics but with different goals.
    Far too often these organizations are fought using troops and weapons but this also creates a billion dollar market that profits other organizations as well. In the end millions of lives are constantly placed at risk so these different small groups work very hard to maintain their power and market.

    To “fix’ this problem is not as difficult as many would believe. The basic cure is enlightenment and education. If no one listens to those who would try and spread their campaign of hate from one generation to another, their power would simply disappear; much like the Cabbage Patch market. If more people would stop and think before they took up weapons against others they do not know or understand, the need for these weapons would diminish. I am not saying that there will never be a need to maintain some kind of defensive strategy but there would be far more funds and resources available to help improve the lives of all people on this planet if less of our effort is funneled into creating more weapons that eventually will be used by us or against us by others.

    I was born and raised in the Oklahoma City area. I have seen what blind hatred can do to a population. I have also witnessed the strength and power of people who are willing to band together to help others that have been affected by tragedy.
    Yes, those who are supporting the ISIS effort financially and with weapons need to be stopped. This can be done by people from this entire planet joining together to stop them.
    We also though do need to work on the underlying problem that causes normal people to leave their homes and want to join these madmen. In so many ways, this is one of our greatest challenges.

    Ed Roberts 3/1/15

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