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    Arrow and Flash at Paleyfest


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     montebubbles called the annual PaleyFest the most fan-friendly event she has attended.
    - hhanks, CNN iReport producer

    The Arrow and Flash panel at Paleyfest was two separate panels from two television shows that are tied to one another from the characters involved. The senior show, Arrow, the cast members knew more about the upcoming story line than did the Flash cast members.

    The people on Arrow had cell phones and were taking pictures of the audience and one another on stage. They more freely spoke about what was going on. At the beginning of the Flash panel, Tom Cavanagh told the audience that they were ordered not to give anything away and to dance around every question, which brought a round of boos from the audience.

    Unlike Arrow which was put together by casting directors fitting people into the character roles, Flash has depended more upon the individual development of the character to make what Flash is with continued character development this next season. Flash is an a spinoff from Arrow, and therefore doesn’t have the luxury that Arrow had as it developed over time. Flash had to be a hit to start, otherwise there would not be a second season.

    We had the fortune of sitting in the panels for the people that create the music for both Flash and Arrow at the International Comic-Con 2014. While all was fun and games at the Paleyfest panels, at the Comic-Con panels the music writers are given the basic storylines first, they write the music for what they’re given, they run into network continuity issues, in other words there is something in the scene that didn’t get approved and then the new material is sent back to the music people and then they rewrite for the new material, which may be changed again. Sometimes there is as little as two weeks difference between when a show shoots vs. when it is aired. If you asked people on the show during the music panels what they would like most, it’s time. If you ask the people on the show panels during the Paleyfest the same question, they would all like to have more time from the producers to the actors.

    Between tv shows, NCIS and Arrow and Flash, which have comparable budgets for the same period of time on the air, they are different in one major area, Flash and Arrow have higher computer graphic effects as compared to NCIS where the money goes to actor salaries.

    It’s amazing to see how many people can get autographs in a short time. Fans came prepared with pictures, dvd jackets, posters and merchandise, and International Comic-Con bags for the cast to sign.

    Due to the fact that Flash because it’s a freshman show and was working under constraints, a fans dream would have been to have the cast members that cross over between both shows on a panel. As we understand, there is a difference between the way they play the characters from one show to another. Some characters are kick your butt characters but aren’t the same on both shows. Other characters become more likeable on one show vs. another. One of the characters shared that they despise me on one show and like me on the other, and yes he’s the same character on both shows.

    We have been to Comic-Con and autograph signings but the feel is totally different when comparing it to the Paleyfest. The Paleyfest is unique, that while the security guards are there they try to interfere as little as possible between the panel members and the fans. If you’re a fan, of one of these shows and it’s showing at the Paleyfest, it’s one of the few times you’ll be able to get within handshake difference without them being at an autograph table. Which explains why fans arrived from other countries to go to the Paleyfest.
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