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    Posted April 1, 2015 by

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    Good-bye KGB! Is Grybauskaite escaping her KGB past?

    It has become life observation already that many political leaders in the post-Soviet states are even more hateful of the communist ideology and more obsessed with russophobia than the most ardent critics of communism and ‘Russian imperial idea’ in Old Europe. Interestingly, in denial of their own countries’ communist past they display even greater aggressiveness if they used to be in close nexus with the ‘repressive institutions’ of the Soviet Bloc states. The more involved they were then the greater aggressiveness they are demonstrating now! Just recall the Merkel & Stasi story! There are some signs pointing to similar relationship between the KGB, the USSR spying agency, and Dalia Grybauskaite, the current acting president of Lithuania, during her student years in Leningrad.

    https://archive.today/RJHEa (The docs have been removed from the site under pressure of Lithuanian authorities)



    Dalia Grybauskaite studied at the Zhdanov State University in Leningrad. According to the personal file posted by kgbveikla.lt of evening department student Dalia Grybauskaite Polikarpo, born in 1956, she was subject to passport checkup along with three citizens of Finland and two USSR female citizens ‘previously detained in public places due to their immoral conduct’. The accident took place on May 22, 1982. Make note of this handwritten phrase, ‘The case dismissed on the prompt of the KGB curator’. Similar to other secret services, the KGB actively employed prostitutes to gather information. This actually explains why the figurant in the case, Dalia Grybauskaite, wasn’t expelled from the elite educational institution.

    The place of work of student Grybauskaiute is also an eye-opening fact. Leningrad Rot Front fur mill had a special status due to the KGB supervision. Rot Front was selling its production directly to foreign countries and the employees went abroad on frequent business trips. It can hardly be just a coincidence.


    Amid continuing ‘witch hunt’ in Baltic states such data is a real trump card in the hands of Grybauskaite’s opponents. Unfortunately, we can expect only political squabble under the present circumstances. There’s no chance for any weighty conclusions to be done by either Lithuanian president or her probable ‘grave diggers’. There’s no chance for any manifestation of the readiness to let the past belong to the past or build relations with the neighbors on the basis of the national agenda, not those mossy phobias of the cold war time. So far Lithuanian and other Baltic politicians have been focused on non-critical solidarity with everything that, according to their opinion, will make the West consider them really civilized Europeans absolutely free from that rotten Soviet past. The prosperity of the nations will be sacrificed for the sake of the super-tendentious ideology of the current Baltic political mainstream.
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