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    Posted April 5, 2015 by
    dhahran, Saudi Arabia
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    I am a Muslim in America

    Muslims around the world


    Do you ever feel like people don’t want you, because that’s how Muslims feel with all the hatred from the internet and the media.
    Some people like to ruin the image of Islam like the people in the Charlie hebdo shootings. They went to the news station and shot everyone in the name of Islam, but many Muslims disagree because most Muslims won’t do these terrorist acts. Like how there is a new state forming between Iraq and Syria called “ISIS” (daish) that claim they are Muslims when they kill the actual Muslims , They only want to ruin the image of Islam. The media only shows the bad things that happen in the name of Islam but when something happens to Muslims they generally ignore it or stay quit then talk about it, like the Chapel Hill shootings where a man came and shot three Muslims in their college campus and the media didn’t post anything about this dangerous man till the next day.
    Some people disagree with Muslims and claim that Muslims don’t accept the idea of freedom of speech, when someone says something that might be offensive about Muslims they freak out and kill people which makes them terrorists by killing innocent lives like the Charlie hebdo shootings where a couple of Muslims came to the news station and shot everyone because the news station said something about Islam. Muslims need to accept the idea of freedom of speech. If they don’t like what we say about Islam they can choose to ignore it, like how we ignore what they say about other religions.
    There are some good Muslims in the world. Muslims aren’t terrorists you can’t generalize that all Muslims are terrorists. We Muslims only want good things to happen in this world. But there are bad people that do things in the name of Islam when they are not Muslims. The whole world needs to know that Muslims aren’t like that and they should know the truth. The whole world needs to stop these terrorist organizations that claim they are Muslims like “isis”(daish).
    In conclusion everyone has their own viewpoint about Islam and they chose to think and say about Islam, Muslims are the victims here and everyone else is the bully, people deserve to know the truth about Islam and not believe the media.
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