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    Posted April 5, 2015 by
    new york city, New York

    Raffaele Imperiale


    Raffaele Imperiale : We distinguish the creation and recovery, that is to say:

    As part of a creation:
    either we find a location and what we study are the weaknesses, the needs of potential customers in this geographical area;
    or starting from a previously conducted study or under then search location.
    The recovery and especially the acquisition of a business:
    for consideration by direct assignment;
    as part of this sale can be considered a life annuity sales;
    gratuitously, without consideration: donation;
    after death: succession, will;
    by sale of the majority shares of the company owning the fund.

    How to find?

    When accessing the funds ?
    Most often by specialized agencies, but also the magazines;
    regional and national press, internet, etc. We must dissect the ads and not to waste time with those who put too little information. The turnover, gross operating surplus (GOS) and the price are part of this minimum. Do not hesitate to call for additional information. If we really proves too suspicious, it's better to win and move on to another ad;
    remember that we are in an open market and all things considered, at a given time, supply is greater than demand.

    You can also:

    get closer to administrators who may have good opportunities;
    question of Commons (mostly rural) that invest to keep the shops and do not hesitate to facilitate installations;
    banks and members of the professions: lawyers, accountants, administrators, professional associations, chambers of commerce and business;
    do not forget that many traders aspire to take their pensions.

    If one wants to sell, we can certainly do without intermediary, but curiously, even if the seller is the sole principal of it, by a curious alchemy, the third party often has a weight to convince.

    Anyone can open or resume a restaurant. Unlike other professions (eg hairdressers) because no diploma is required even though a know-how is essential both in production and management.
    If it takes years to build up a clientele, some months are enough to lose (bad food, poor reception, was targeted, bad value ...).
    For many catering companies location is everything, but it is not uncommon to find "good tables" in places prior insulated but for which customers do not hesitate to move.
    Moreover, it is not enough to be good business, we must also be good manager with a critical and constructive vision for her business and its market.

    Distrust growing bankers related to this profession, especially in regard to creation, is due to the large number of disputes recorded by this sector.
    If several hundred restaurants are created every month, there are just as many who disappear and for a variety of reasons.
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