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    Posted April 12, 2015 by
    Deer Park, Washington
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    Exposing The Real Bullies

    The mysterious world of multi player gaming and bullying is about to get unraveled? Have you ever bought that one video game that your child asked for for Christmas then life falls apart for them? Have you ever wondered why? We protect our children and teens from pedophiles? But do we really protect them? This is not about pedophiles or adults looking for sex or children in games. This is about our children going through mind numbing abuse in games. I have played 10 of thousands of hours of multiplayer games (over 50,000 hours) and one thing is always the same. Trolls and griefing. Trolls are the ones just wanting to make themselves feel better by demeaning the hell out of our children. Griefing is the act of bullying.

    Lets say you come online and you let it be known your African American? Some where out there someone is going to call you a "nigger" and until you quit the game or they move onto someone else? They are going to make sure you realize your a "nigger" If your gay or overweight? The same. You dont even have to be any of that. And some will grief you so hard? Depression or even suicide kicks in. I know suicide as it has torn my own family apart with multiple suicides. I live with PTSD every day of my life and I walked away from multiplayer games a year ago because I got sick of watching the trolls tear into people.

    There are games where you battle teams? You dont want to be on the losing end. You will be griefed. This is real. If anyone industry has it worse? It is in Multiplayer gaming. We feed into it by buying the games. And then our children decide to end their lives and we think it was our fault? They never let anyone know that gaming played a large part into their final act.

    If you have children that play multiplayer games? Ask them if they know what a "Troll" is? Or what is "Griefing" They will know and they probably have been a victim.

    Most games will say they don't allow it. But play the game for a week yourself? Watch the chat boxes, audio (get a microphone and headset), and forums for particular games. You will see it or be a victim yourself.

    Im letting you in on the absolute worst place for bullying and no one is doing a thing about this problem. They are worried with social media like Facebook and Twitter. Games have had things like this long before either of those have come along. We are talking this has been happening for decades and not a single thing is making a dent in it.

    If your children play multi player games please take this seriously. You dont want to know what suicide or multiple suicides feels like. Remember bullying in school? Well there are a lot more people in gaming and its a helluva lot more rampant. Please beware.

    Please do not ignore this. Ive played to many hours to not have seen or been victimized myself. Im an adult I can take it. There are people who just disappear after a heavy session with a troll.

    Let me just say if you have had these examples?
    "Ur a loser"
    "Ur ugly"
    or anything like these? You can expect much worse garbage coming out in a multiplayer game. Much worse.
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