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    Posted April 21, 2015 by
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    Rybolovlev’s Possible Mafia Connections

    Though Dmitry Rybolovlev is one of the richest men in the world, many people don’t know very much about him.

    As the owner and public face of Monaco, many people would be surprised to find out that Rybolovlev has a history of shady dealings and has been linked to the Russian mafia numerous times. Worth approximately $9 billion, this businessman may have gotten his wealth through illegal and unethical means, and even now may be using the same connections to further his interests.

    The first claims of his mafia connections came when he was making his first billion. Rybolovlev graduated from medical school in 1990. In a few years, he moved away from medicine and became a securities trader. He became more and more involved in potash producing companies, and then suddenly during the period of 1994 and 1995, he was successful in privatizing one of the largest potash producers in Russia and assuming control of the new company.

    How could a young man just out of medical school get his hands on one of the most profitable companies in Perm? To this day, the story seems far-fetched and hard to explain. At the time and even now, there were rumors that Rybolovlev used his connections with the mafia to get the company privatized and under his own control. From there, he was able to lead the company and reap billions of misbegotten dollars.

    The next big instance of possible mafia connections only happened a few years later. Rybolovlev was in fierce competition with other chemical producing companies in Russia. In 1995, the head of one of his company’s competitors, Evgeny Panteleymonov, was murdered.

    Police said it was a contract hit, and quickly arrested Rybolovlev for murder. Then 11 months later Rybolovlev was set free and all the charges were dropped.
    What really happened? No one can be sure. Some say that Rybolovlev was working with the mafia to assassinate Panteleymonov, but others say that the mafia was actually trying to frame Rybolovlev for murder because he had stopped cooperating with them. It is also suspicious that his charges were dropped and he was let go. Though the police said they found the true murderer, it is also true that Russian billionaires have billions of ways to get out of legal trouble. Unfortunately,

    Rybolovlev’s mafia connections are still hard to confirm. Still, rumors about working with the mafia do not surround other Russian businessmen the way they seem to follow Rybolovlev wherever he goes.


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