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    Posted April 28, 2015 by
    columbus, Ohio
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    Baltimore: Afraid to have the REAL conversation

    Regarding CNN coverage on Monday evening, Don Lemon asks the difficult questions, questions and talking and taking responsibility for comments, actions and in-actions on their part.

    Don does not show any bias, when conducting his interviews. He calls it as he sees it, and doesn't dance around the difficult questions. He is quick, witty, well informed.

    Don Lemon has my fullest support and confidence.

    I am a retired Boston Police Officer, 36 years, who specialized in civil rights, hate crimes, bias crimes.

    Don, needs to come to Columbus Ohio and investigate and or report on how the Columbus City Schools stole many educations, by data manipulation, changing grades, attendance, passing student who could NOT read/write, no social skills, no ability to properly interview for jobs.

    Survival is important, just look at Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, if you don’t' receive the basics you will never rise to betterment.

    Baltimore: You have a black Mayor, black Police Commissioner, a non-white community with a perception, whether real or imaginative of racial unrest, improper police conduct, etc., With the remarks by the Mayor and Police Commissioner the one thing for sure is how man zeros will be placed after the 1,???,???.?? in yet another law suit.

    Columbus Ohio, it wasn't a life that was taken away, it was lives and education that was taken away.

    In contrasting the aforementioned, the conversation that no one wants to have is it: Intra-racial and the lack of those elected officials, and appointed authorities quickly dismissing the needs of their constituents, for fame, fortune.

    Atlanta, GA here schools teachers, educators received 7-12 years in jail, in Columbus Ohio the most one person out of hundreds received 15 days in jail. This is not equality.

    Baltimore: The fire of the senior center, either it was set by the rioters, or set by arsonist hoping to capitalize on insurance, financial hardships, etc., that needs to be investigated fully. That fire went up very quickly and was 2.5 miles away from the rioters. The ministers and clergy of Baltimore who want to preach and promote calm, how do you justify a church sponsored senior center being torched, do they really think they will make sense to the youth, gang members, rioters, etc.,

    CNN: Don Lemon, Chris Cuomo, Miguel, Cooper, FBI former director Tom, speak and go into areas and delve into questions most other journalist, commentators are afraid to go. Why: The are people in responsible positions, of authority etc., that "are afraid to have the REAL conversation" about racial in-equality.
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