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    Posted May 4, 2015 by
    Los Angeles, California

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    Vivant Books Brings Fine Art and Literature Back to the Table

    In a digital age where print and paint are being overshadowed by all the fast changing trends of entertainment and many galleries closing down, Mia Benenate and Becky Benenate are binding fine art and literature together and bringing them back into the spotlight with more engaging, functional appeal. With their shared vision of making art more affordable and accessible to a broader based audience, the mother and daughter duo established Vivant Books as a one of a kind, independent publishing house that showcases contemporary artists in new style of venue; collectable coffee table books. But more than just any old book about art, Vivant Books distinguish themselves with a select number of Deluxe Editions that include original works of the artist and handcrafted packaging that makes each book a work of art in itself.

    “We found that sold separately, an original piece by the artists we feature in our deluxe packages could range anywhere from $3000 to over $100,000,” says Mia Benenate. “What we want to do and what the artists are really interested in, is broadening the audience that is able to acquire a piece of their work and expand the art collecting demographic.”

    Mia Benenate also explains that first and foremost they believe that books are meant to capture the reader’s mind and provide the ultimate experience, with art being an ideal subject to do so. “We believe in the power of books to ignite the imagination, stimulate thought, and provide entertainment,” Mia says. With her strong literary background, Mia has been able to closely collaborating with each artist they work with, gallery owners and renowned art critics, to paint a picture in words that fully captures the essence of the artist and the impact of their work. Adding Becky Benenate’s masterful design skills and impressive background in publishing, Vivant Books has become today’s ideal venue for artists to showcase their work.

    While Vivant Books has a certain criteria of artists they choose to work with, Mia Benenate explains that so far it’s been a very organic process of the artists coming to them and they’ve seen immediate success with their three published books to date; "Inspired By The Beat" by David LeBatard, "Blek le Rat," and "Zener," featuring the work of Eric Zener. They are especially excited about the recent release of their latest book featuring Brett Amory, whose Waiting series gained international attention for his haunting depiction of Americana. “This book will feature full-color reproductions of Brett Amory’s works to date and will include the writing of celebrated scholars, art critics, experts in relevant fields, fellow artists, journalists, collectors, and gallerists. This monograph on Brett Amory will offer the first full history of the artist’s development, tradition, and legacy,” Mia reveals.

    They also currently have two more books in the works. One featuring Los Angeles-based artist Kimberly Brooks, whose abstract work has been showcased in numerous juried exhibitions and focuses on dealing with memory, history and identity. Their other upcoming book features Gottfried Helnwein, one of the most controversial figures in contemporary art post WWII primarily known for hyper-realistic images of wounded and bandaged children.

    Mia Benenate adds that they eventually hope to expand their book stage for pop culture artists and fine art photographers to come to the table as well.

    To find out more about Vivant Books, go directly to the website: www.vivantbooks.com

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