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    Posted May 5, 2015 by
    Phoenix, Arizona

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    Having heart for Dolphins in Taiji


    Dolphins are the most innocent and friendliest mammals of wildlife. They have not only been a source of entertainment but also have helped humans in fishing and rescuing. They have interesting interaction with humans since their existence. Various species of this mammal have become extinct due to their habitat destruction, injuries, inability to find food and water pollution. The unfortunate fact is that their worst enemies for many years have been humans.


    Japanese are involved with slaughtering of dolphins in a large number. Around 20,000 of these sea-creatures are killed in hunts annually and the hunters make around USD 320,000 per dolphin. Taiji dolphin hunt has become a central point for social activists across the globe especially after the film, The Cove. The movie got Academic Award in 2009 and brought awareness amongst people to have heart for these innocent aquatic mammals and raise concerns to stop hunts for the friendly sea-creature.


    The Taiji locals believe it is their food source and a local tradition that helps their economy. But these mammals are not at all Japanese vital food source. Due to the high levels of mercury found in the meat very few Japanese eat dolphins.


    Most of the activists’ concern is the method of hunting. The “barbaric” hunting technique makes the warm blooded sea animal get wounded when they tangle in net placed in the cove. Although Taiji fishermen reject the idea saying that they now adopt spine-severing technique that is less painful and leads to instant death of dolphins and hunting tools have also been modernized.


    I don’t believe the modernization can ever justify the killings of the intelligent sea creatures in Taiji. Since 2000, more than 18000 dolphins have been killed and these dolphins are hunted for greed of money. The controversial hunting season has resumed again. The bottom line is that dolphins are endangered species and we need to take serious steps to take care of these species than seeing them dead or hunted. The Japanese themselves need to stand strong against the genocide of the mammal, people around every corner of the world need to raise voice to stop this cruelty.


    For more details, visit: http://www.researchomatic.com/Dead-Dolphins-72117.html

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