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    Posted October 25, 2008 by
    San Antonio, Texas
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    America - A Beacon of Hope



    I am a Republican, a member of the party of Lincoln, and proud to be one; but more than that, I am an American. I am not a hyphenated American, but an American of German and English heritage.





    I support the Constitution of the United States...and it's amendments, such as the Second Amendment. I feel that all law abiding Americans should be able to defend themselves at all times, in their homes, in their streets, and in whatever part of the country they travel in.





    I support our Military, whose brave men and women have helped to keep us free and safe at home and abroad for generations and I support those here at home who keep us free and safe as well, such as police, firefighters, nurses, doctors, and paramedics. I support all those who work to try and make this the best possible country in which to live.





    I believe America is the last and best hope for this world we live on; I also believe that this is why more people try to come her than any other country. Our flag, The Stars and Stripes, is the symbol that brings thousands to our shore every year to make this land their home. We welcome them with open arms and a heart as big as the Texas sky in the picture above. Welcome...join us to make this America the "Melting Pot" of the world.





    Saying that statement above, I also feel that illegal immigration should be stopped immediately; it is a detriment to our education, medical, social and welfare programs which should be used to treat and help our citizens first.





    I firmly believe in the American dream of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness without the constant intrusion by the federal government. I believe in free and open speech, freedom of religion regardless of who your pray or don't pray to; but I do not believe in freedom from religion. Our country was founded on basic religious principles and I feel they should always be present. It does not hurt me to see the Christian Cross, Star of David, the Crest and Star, a statue of Buddha, or any other religious icon; it shows the diversity of our land.





    America is a great land populated by a people that have given more to this world than any other country in medical aid, disaster relief, humanitarian help though private and government programs so I find it amazing when I hear of demonstrations about how bad we are and how we don't care for anyone but ourselves. Do we have our problems? You bet we do, but as Americans we have the tendency to work them out without the large scale violence that besets other countries; at least since the Civil War.





    Finally...I support our President and all of our elected officials who reside in office to maintain our form of government. Have some made mistakes? Of course they have. Will the new ones coming in make mistakes? Undoubtedly. Regardless of who wins the upcoming election will I keep OUR President in my daily prayers? Indeed I will. I will also keep a close watch on him and hold him to the principles that have made the United States of America one of the last beacons of hope for this world.

                                                                                    God Bless the United States of America and God Bless all of her people.



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