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    6 Golf Tips On Determining Your Ideal Set Makeup


    Do you carry the right clubs in your bag? Not every golfer does. Generally speaking, the club set players with high golf handicaps carry differs somewhat from the club set players with low golf handicaps carry. But one thing’s certain no matter what your skill level: Carrying the right club set makes a difference. To play your best, you need a club set that matches your skill level and your needs and preferences.


    Determining the right club set for you, though, can be a challenge. Nevertheless, having the right clubs in your bag generates more distance with your shots, boosts ballstriking, and cuts down on flubbed shots. Having the right set also increases your pars and birdies and cuts strokes from your scores and your golf handicap. Put simply, having the right club set can take your game to a whole new level.


    With that being said, we provide 7 golf tips below that will help you find the right club set for your game:

    1. Chart your clubs

    Charting your clubs tells you what clubs you really use. Take a notebook with you for the next 7 rounds. Write down every club you use and where. Then total up how often you used each club at the end of the round. Do this for each of the seven rounds. Then total up how often you used each club for all seven round. The clubs you use the most form the core of your perfect set. Replace your little-used clubs with ones you’re more apt to use.

    2. Get fitted for clubs

    Research shows that 99 percent of the players who buy fitted shafts hit the ball farther. Your results may differ, but there’s no denying that playing with fitted clubs make a difference. So while we can’t specify which clubs will be in your club set, we can tell you this: Having fitted clubs saves your swing and your golf handicap. In addition, it provides you with a unique set of fitted clubs matched precisely to your needs and preferences. It’s the same advice we give students in golf lessons.

    3. Visit websites

    Take some time during the selection process to visit the websites of major club manufacturers. That gives you some idea of what pricing should be like for off the shelf clubs. Compare them to the prices for fitted clubs. Sometimes, manufacturers have written content that can help you decide which clubs to buy and carry. They also may have aids that can help you get fitted for clubs, such as a mobile app that you can download to help you through the club selection process.

    4. Make hybrids part of your set

    Every player should consider adding hybrids to their club set if they aren’t using them now—no matter what your skill level. They’re easier to hit than long irons, they work well out of the rough, and they help you make shots around the green, if you’re struggling with your chipping. In other words, they’re versatile. Take advantage of that. And have your club fitter work out distance gapping for the hybrids, so you have the right lofts.

    5. Choose the right wedges

    Choose the make up of your wedge set carefully. It makes a difference. Some players like to carry 3 wedges (PW, SW, and LW) in their bags. Others add a gap wedge to this set (PW, SW, LW, GW). Then there are those who add a flop wedge to this set (PW, SW, LW, GW and FW). Whatever your preference, get your club fitter to work out distance gapping for this set, too Make sure one wedge has a thin leading edge for shots on tight fairways.

    6. Select the right shafts

    Selecting the right shafts for your clubs is as critical a decision as you’ll make in the selection process. No two golfers swing exactly the same. Shafts perform differently for each player, so it behooves you to get the right shafts for your game. When selecting shafts, don’t think only about weight and flex. It’s a much more complicated decision than that. This is where getting fitted really helps.


    These 6 golf tips will help you find your perfect club set. Not every tip applies to every golfer. Keep in mind when choosing your club set that players who get fitted for clubs experience a difference in play. The right club set fitted to your exact specifications shaves strokes off your scores and your golf handicap. They also carry further on each shot and give you more shot control. Having the right club set—fitted or not— can take your game to a whole new level, as we tell students that take our golf instruction sessions.


    Source: How to properly swing a golf club and swing plane training aids by No1Golfesource.com

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