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    Posted May 20, 2015 by

    zendada and 14 other iReporters contributed to Open Story: Ukraine crisis as it unfolds
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    The Putin Archipelago

    Welcome to The Putin Archipelago
    By Valery Oisteanu

    On the bridge to Red Square lay the body of Nemtsov
    Shot four times in the back, beside the Kremlin wall
    Here slept Lenin, here slept Stalin
    Where is the hope to end war and corruption
    Oh! Russia of my childhood, Mayakovski’s Moscow
    Watch the convoy of white trucks as a diversion
    Tanks and missiles rumbling toward the Ukrainian front
    “Kozaks” against “ Maidan-fascists”, brother fights brother
    Watch Putin the Great seize more territory
    Crimea, part of the soul of every Russian
    Crimea, the fist of aggression against the West
    Donetsk “connected” to mother Russia, the New-Russia
    The Putin Archipelago grows, South Ossetia, part of Georgia
    Abkhazia & Chechnya and the rest of the Gulag
    Annexation syndrome: grab East of Ukraine
    While the west is groggily sleepwalking
    6000 civilian dead, discouraged, missing
    Unpronounceable names of destroyed villages
    Legislation changed, opposition killed, reformers jailed
    The Russians are marching past St. Basil Cathedral
    Past the Kremlin’s chiming watchtowers
    No hope in sight, no freedom of thought for decades
    Reverse epiphany, of planetary love and hate
    Pussy Riot in Exile, Kasparov in Exile
    As so many before, Boris Nemtsov, another martyr
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