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    Posted May 26, 2015 by
    New York, New York

    Young New Yorker Discovers Cure To Addiction in Israel


    Jesse Bogner lost many years on the destructive path of addiction. He had everything money could buy, was very popular, and had a loving girlfriend, but felt an emptiness inside that just kept growing. When he didn’t find any way to fill this dark place inside of him he started looking for external ways to fill it, such as drugs and alcohol. We all know nowadays that substances may subdue our bad feelings for a while but they take you down even further when they wear off. So the more a person tries to fill that black space inside the further they descend, while the people around them helplessly watch their loved one’s life spiraling out of control.

    Jesse’s story is actually our story as well. We have all been dealt some unlucky cards at certain times in our lives and chose to deal with those situations in different ways. But Jesse had the guts to put it all down on paper once he discovered that the root of all his problems was him — the fact that he is an egotist living in a world that encourages us to constantly think of ourselves. All this self-centeredness creates bad energy in the world that is causing things like cancer and the extreme weather we see all everywhere. The universe will use everything in its power to wake us up, and Jesse was one of the lucky ones, because when he got the wakeup call he made some serious adjustments in his life.

    Jesse made a huge turnaround and we are all hoping that his story will help many others who are searching for something they can’t quite put their finger on, that elusive key to happiness. He found it and wants to share it with others.

    At the lowest point of his descent Jesse never imagined that he would be interviewed by radio show hosts or Larry King’s production crew in Israel. At our darkest hour it is difficult to imagine that something good can ever come out of such a hopeless situation. But when we overcome the challenge placed before us we are given the gift of a new life, a better life that allows us to contribute to society in a very profound way.




    The Egotist, a book by Jesse Bogner


    The Egotist was written by a rich Jewish kid from New York with many issues, who began a new path after discovering the meaning of life. Despite being raised in a loving family and surrounded by friends, Jesse Bogner suffered from an addiction to alcohol and pills among other things, lacked a basic human capacity to love others, and had no desire to start a career or a family.


    The Egotist tracks Jesse Bogner’s transition from an individual fighting his own demons with no compass, map or clear explanation of what is happening in his life, to a person with a clear direction. The insight he needed at this lowest point in his life came from an unexpected source, the authentic wisdom of Kabbalah, which he discovered in Israel. His exposure to this vast source of knowledge helped him reach a new awareness that sheds light on every aspect of life, and especially why so many people are lacking fulfillment in today’s world.


    Read an excerpt from Jesse's book here:

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