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    Posted May 30, 2015 by

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    Can Video Game Propaganda have an effect on your kids?


    People such as Anita Sarkeesian and teams such as DiGRA are utilizing their speculative research to persuade and profile students to implement their preferred ideologies. Though education is considered the foundation of building up a new generation it still has some hefty flaws. Through recent years gaming industry has been booming, no gatekeepers, or censors were there to set a limit as a consequence it has grown up with free will. Now DiGRA attempts to bring an end to this. DiGRA is offering a stage to the cons and authoritarians who have sights on renovating culture itself through far-reaching and extreme propaganda.
    These sort of people are just like those who introduced the notion of “zero tolerance”, political correctness and it is not unknown to the world that how they get involved in shameful illicit activities. They believe parents are not capable enough to guide and care their children, hence they manifested that this responsibility must be imposed upon the juvenile systems, academics and the governments.

    They were aware of the fact that no one will opt into or agree to their ideas while it comes to games or society. So they transformed from being scholar, where their weapons would be restricted to reasoning, discussing the reasons behind their ideas, why they must be executed to becoming activists, pushing the narratives required to achieve their goals. Moreover they thought that free market and capitalism is not enough so they also enhance to disrupt “capitalism” with their own baseless words.

    Kotaku is the heaven of such baseless propaganda
    Kotaku is a platform that is rarely taken seriously, that is must be a cheerful occasion when they publish any meaningful, true statements, opinions or reviews. It is considered as the house of baseless contents; reviews, opinions and statements that are published in this website never interpret any reality and moreover, they can be attributed as “reverse-influencers”. Generally the bloggers can help to build the reputation of any site or product and they can also push them to the way of negative repute. Now the owners feel ashamed if they are praised by Kotaku, if you rely upon them then it is really sad to mention that you have no principles and the products you promote are not up to the mark.

    But thankfully the attempt of implementing this propaganda has fallen on deaf ears and they cannot accomplish to construct their own markets for selling and promoting their products and only attempted to destroy others market reputation.


    To have better insight on this you can visit at http://jmillerworks.com/2015/05/22/who-are-the-propagandists-trying-to-indoctrinate-your-kids-through-education-and-video-games/.

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