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    Posted June 2, 2015 by
    Rome, Italy

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    About 15,000 spectators in total joined the live performances in Rome from May 28 until June 1st. It was the 14th round of the LIVE PERFORMERS MEETING.

    Two installments opening a new class of Digital Art, MOONREZZER and OBEDIENCE, have been presented on stage 1 of the Nuovo Cinema Aquila where the main venue of LPM 2015 happened.

    MOONREZZER, made in a worldwide cooperation of about 40 artists curated by Art Blue - was presented in a machinima made by WizardOz Chrome, Milano. OBEDIENCE, made by Saskia Boddecke, Peter Greenaway, Bryn Oh and Jo Ellsmere was presented by two machinima: one made by Bryn Oh and one by Iono Allen. OBEDIENCE [Gehorsam] is an exhibiton by the Jewish Museum in Berlin still running until September 13, 2015. MOONREZZER is an art conservation project for 3d Immersive Art which will run on Opensimulator technology for an unlimited time span in a frozen server.

    The productions have in common that they fill in a new type of filmmaking, the just mentioned “machinima”. This word stands for videos made directly from screen captures in a virtual world where one can walk with a representation of him- or herself, the Avatar. The recognition of objects and persons inside such worlds happens not like in a movie where you just look on what happens on the screen. In a 3d walkable environment it is you as visitor who has control over the camera, over the scene. That’s why one speaks of an immersive art experience, similar to Oculus RIFT, but indeed more natural as the human brain enjoys to the tricked this way.

    The first interactive immersive installment, DREAMT FOREST, was shown in the Santorini Biennale 2014 by Greek artist Navah Dreams as IMMERSIVIA. Visitors of the world could plant 1581 trees in a virtual world of a lost forest to picture out the loss of real trees in Greece out of the sheer need to heat the homes over winter. The idea to let visitors participate in an art installment is not new, but new for a museum to do so via Avatars. In the virtual representation of OBEDIENCE you can steer Isaak and Ismael in the Jewish Museum in Berlin. Also you can log in to a world within the LEA project of Second Life – Linden Endowment for the Arts. Immersive Interactive Avatar driven experiences are core technology of the accelerating gaming industry. The latest production bring technologies on stage that are time ahead, like Son of Nor where your thoughts can steer the movement of your Avatar in a virtual world.

    The creation of a VJ living in a virtual world as a programmed character was announced at LPM 2015. The virtual VJ will be steered by a human person wearing an EPOC headset. This will happen first in opengrid Metropolis in July 2015. For the visitor or the spectator it looks like the Virtual Video Jokey steers the objects, some prim boxes, some sculpties, some mesh creations and creates sound. Such happenings may be even presented on big screens in front of a mega audience. In fact sensors track the brainwaves and bring the thoughts of the VJ in charge maybe 1,000 miles away to action in 3d. Just google for EPOC of emotiv Inc. The question “who is the artist” might get a new dimension. The programmer of the VVJ, a “real” VJ – is there one or are their many, is there a bot simulating a VJ? Stunning times in immersive media are ahead.


    Immersive interactive worlds allow also theatrical performances. The next, called THE DICE, will happen on Thursday, June 4th, 1.11 PM at LEA14. Art Blue invited Banksy and Lana Newstrom to play the invisible artists in virtual worlds to face in THE DICE their destiny. Both characters have been outlined in Invisible Art, published in rezmagazine, November 2014.

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