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    Nevada Attorney Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group deliberately spread malicious, defamatory lies about his Former Client, Blogger Crystal Cox.


    Attorney Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group made false statements to NPR, Forbes, the New York Times, Legal Bloggers, many attorneys, forensics investigators, and other big and small media outlets, claiming that his former client, blogger Crystal Cox had committed the felony crime of extortion, that she had a blog about his infant child, and that she had done this to others. Marc Randazza went on a rampage of defamation and retaliation against his former clients and he spread false statements, stating that they were true.


    Attorney Marc Randazza was Crystal Cox's attorney, he had inside information and he knew the facts of what he was stating, yet he deliberately made false statements, with willful intent, and with full knowledge that the statements were false.


    Nevada Lawyer Marc Randazza of Law Firm Randazza Legal Group made sworn false statements to WIPO, to the Ninth Circuit courts, to Florida Courts and multiple times to Nevada Federal Courts.


    He actually swore, in a court of law, that what he was stating was true. He did this not only as a citizen, a Plaintiff but also as an attorney outside of a case, such as my Obsidian v. Cox case, in which he filed a malicious Amicus Brief to the Ninth Circuit court flat out making false statements that he clearly knew were false. Marc Randazza made this sworn statements, swearing that known false information was fact, as an officer of the court, an attorney sworn to uphold the law, tell the truth, and to act with integrity and constitutional rights.


    When Crystal Cox fought back and tried to tell the world the TRUTH, her side of the story, on multiple blogs, with factual evidence, he filed a Nevada SLAPP Against her, a frivolous, court time wasting 3 million dollar lawsuit in which he instantly shut down massive blogs, stole domain names, shut down Facebook sites, blogs and websites. And he flat out stole domain names under protective orders and this was 2.5 years ago. All this with no First Amendment adjudication and no factual evidence to back up the sworn statements he made to the courts. This is Fraud on the Courts, yet for some reason, Marc Randazza seems to be above the law, thus far.


    Crystal Cox was unable to use Nevada's Anti-Slapp laws as a defense to protect her business, her life and her quality of life from the SLAPP lawsuit Marc Randazza Filed against her. Instead Nevada SLAPP laws were used by the Plaintiff, Marc Randazza, to attempt to STOP a counterclaim in which is clearly and convincingly 100% truth.


    Crystal Cox has, as a matter of law, had her rights violated by her former attorney, Marc Randazza of  the Law Firm Randazza Legal Group.  Crystal Cox has a clear and convincing case, and the proof that Marc Randazza is guilty of malpractice and defamation.  Yet she cannot get an attorney to represent her, as they are literally afraid of Marc Randazza and his alleged connections to organized crime, his power over the courts and Judges and his ability to carry out widespread defamation campaigns that appear credible.


    Attorney Marc Randazza claims that he did not represent Crystal Cox, that he was somehow never her attorney and therefore it was ok to maliciously lie about her, interfere with her case, pry into her private matters, stalk her, defame her and harass her year after year.


    The Record clearly tells a different story.  From the emails, exhibits and all that is a matter of record on the Randazza v. Cox docket, Marc Randazza did in fact represent Crystal Cox and he did, in fact, knowingly defame her and maliciously cause her harm.


    Click Here for the Randazza v. Cox Docket.


    Marc Randazza Says, "Asking me for a job, or a recommendation?  That doesn't bother me in the least." Then turns around and launches a fraud on the court, defamatory campaign against me, Crystal Cox.


    Click Here to See eMail from Marc Randazza to me Crystal Cox, where it clearly says that he does not mind me asking for a job. He is offended but knows that I am ONLY asking for a job. Yet he spent the next 3 years and counting, publishing and making false statements to all manner of media and swearing to those false statements to courts, knowing full well that what he was saying was not factual.



    Below you see a link for a Motion in Limine filed in the Randazza v. Cox case. In this link you see that Popehat.com, a blog by attorney Kenneth White, clearly shows that Marc Randazza made false statements and that lawyers such as Ken White, maliciously jumped on his side without any need of facts or evidence.


    You see an email from Marc Randazza to me, Crystal Cox, clearly stating that he did not mind me asking him for a job. Yet he deliberately, maliciously, willfully and wanton made false statements to the media, to courts, and widespread publications in which he claimed, even swore that I, Crystal Cox, had extorted him, and her used that same email as some sort of proof. Though he clearly, himself, believed it to be "asking for a job".


    It is hard to digest the concept that an attorney such as Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group can be so powerful, that whatever he says is taken as flat out fact by his attorney peers, law firms, NPR, Forbes, WIPO, and even our courts such as Florida State Court, the Ninth Circuit of Appeals and Nevada State and Federal Courts.  It is taken as fact with no adjudicated fact at all, and the only evidence needed by the courts or these other publications is the words of an attorney named Marc Randazza and the blogs of his attorney friends claiming that you are guilty of whatever it is they are painting you in false light to be.


    See the link below showing clearly that attorney Ken White posted LIES and that Marc Randazza made those lies, knowing they were false as seen in the email also at the link below.



    Also Check Out the Nevada Bar Complaint I filed Against Marc Randazza



    And   http://UnconstitutionalAttorney.blogspot


    Attorneys, such as Marc Randazza are NOT above the law folks, unless you let them be.

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