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    DES Info: Historically, other dangers of DES were recognized in the 1940s…..


    There are study reports that focused on intersexuality (having both female and male characteristics) in male rats, mice and chickens from DES exposure; liver injuries; and on inhibition of growth of skeletal muscles. A number of these studies were cited in an unpublished report in 1940 from the Lilly Research Laboratories. Lilly did go on to become the principal promoter of DES until it voluntarily ceased to manufacture DES for human use in 1997, we understand. It was still produced to treat animals. We now know that it is used in the food chain in Kenya, China and other third world countries.


    In the 1940s a significant number of other effects of DES  were reported. In 1941, researchers found that DES did cause the ova to disintegrate. In 1942, a Yale anatomist cited tumors, cysts, cancers and “osteogenic transformations of bones” (Replacement of bone marrow cavities by bone tissues) in mice, guinea pigs and birds treated with estrogens and/or DES. In the same year, another study proved that estrogen did pass through the placenta to the fetus. In 1943, the textbook Gynecology gave these warnings to medical students….. “A great deal has been written about the carcinogenic activity of estrogen and there is enough data to provoke cautions in using potent and chemically pure estrogens…..We must remember that the estrogens that are in use today are potent drugs and are extracts that were in use a few years ago. This applies particularly to the synthetic estrogens which potent than the natural substance”.


    The DES exposed wonder why these results and warnings were not taken seriously …. The DES Tragedy continues today, now into a third generation!


    The DES Exposed are still awaiting an apology

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