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    New York
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    Og Mandino’s University of Success


         I was born, grew up and educated in south of the Philippines as a normal child from an average family, with a mom who gave a lot of values on education and books.  I now live in New York and have created the success I have now with the education and guidance from this book – “Og Mandino’s University of Success."

         I wrote this piece years ago as an entry for “My Favorite Book” contest.  I didn’t win, but I was proud to write this story.  I am glad to share it with you to let you know why this book has helped me as a young adult.


    “Proud to be a graduate of this university”

         We look back and give back to our Alma Mater as our way of gratitude from the education and honor we have received.  Our school is one of the fundamental partners and foundation of our intellectual, social, cultural and personal development.  We use our education to enhance our skills, to discover our talents, to establish our carreer, to grow and to succeed.  While the experiences and  memories stay with us forever and guide us to our lifelong journey .  

         I also look back to my Alma Mater - the “University of Batangas” and the “University of Success, ” with a great debt of gratitude.  I am proud to be a graduate of these universities.

         I would like to give emphasis to the “University of Success.”  I am talking about my favorite book by Og Mandino.  As the Dean of this University, he became one of the trusted mentors of his time and remains one of the best-selling authors. His university is equipped with powerful lessons to reach  the world of exceptional achievement.  It has a curriculum of 10 semesters, with many resource materials and with 50 highly dynamic instructors and advocates of  success.  The mission of the university is “to help reduce the number of errors the students have been making in their life, and how to achieve a life with happiness, accomplishment and success.”

         The “University of Success” is for anybody who wants to take a masters degree in success.  It’s for newly graduates to guide them to a successful path of their chosen careers.  It’s for everybody, young and old who wants to change their life for the better, regardless of age, background, skills and financial condition.  For those who have passed their youth, it’s never too late. You would realize how much you could still accomplish in the years ahead. There are also no requirements or restrictions.  What is only required is the ability to read and the desire to make something more of your life.

         I’ve followed Og Mandino’s recommendation. I’ve used the book as my personal textbook.  I’ve underlined all the lines and paragraphs meaningful to me, and it tripled the retention of his powerful suggestions and principles.  I’ve got the most out of this book;  It has influenced my life and continues to guide me.

         Twenty six years ago, I graduated from the “University of Success.” I didn’t receive any award for academic achievement. Indeed, the greatest reward I’ve attained is how I managed my life for the better. I’ve acquired the essential ingredients of my personal success.  I’ve learned powerful lessons and techniques to look back from where I’ve been, to set my goals, to make the most of my abilities, to develop my self confidence, to acquire strength, to motivate myself and others, to seize opportunities, to deal with adversities, to find courage to take risks, to do things I was afraid to do, to learn and bounce back from my failures, to generate enthusiasm, to use my time wisely, to get people to give what I want, to guide my children, to handle stress, to enjoy the best things in life, to count my blessings, to strive for excellence, to attract success and to look like a winner.  I’ve learned the greatest secrets of success, and I’ve used them to make a better world for myself.

         After twenty six years of graduating from this university, I am taking an inventory of my life from where I’ve been to what I’ve become. I am looking back with understanding and appreciation, with contentment and gratitude.  I may not be materially wealthy, but I am rich with wisdom, experiences and accomplishments.  I’ve attained my personal success from the places I’ve travelled, the experiences I’ve encountered, the people I’ve met, the books I’ve read, the knowledge and talents I’ve shared, the needy I’ve helped, the friends I’ve established, the admiration I’ve gotten, the trust I’ve earned, the respect I’ve gained, the compliments I’ve received, the gratitude I’ve expressed, the confidence I’ve developed, the risks I’ve taken, the opportunities I’ve seized, the lessons I’ve learned, the promises I’ve fulfilled, the adversities I’ve surpassed, the failures I’ve overcome, the fear I’ve fought, the challenges I’ve defeated, the victory I’ve celebrated, the accomplishments I’ve done, the dreams I’ve reached, the blessings I’ve enjoyed, and the wisdom I’ve acquired and lived.

         Og Mandino says “Success is no exclusive club.  It is open to each individual who has the courage to choose his own goal and go after it.  It is from this forward motion that human growth springs, and out of it comes the human essence known as character.”  I choose my goal and work hard to go after it.  And when I grow, I strengthen my character.

         In this book, Thomas Carlyle, the great English essayist explains, “If we think about it, all that a university or final highest school can do for us, is still but what the first school began doing – teach us to read. But the place where we are to get knowledge is the books themselves. The true university of these days is a collection of books.” Og Mandino’s “University of Success” is a piece from my collection of treasured books. It is from reading where I learn. And when I learn, I also share.

           My mom had passed away years ago. She’s in heaven, looks at me and proud of what I’ve become.  She had left me with a precious legacy -  this wonderful book I’ve owned and kept,  I’ve passionately read and transformed the thoughts into action. This is my mom’s legacy that had made a difference to me. Hence, this piece of writing is my tribute to two important souls – the soul of a great author - Og Mandino, and the soul of my great mom -Mercedes Papasin.

           I recommend that you acquire this unique piece of literature, to get a degree from this university - the degree of exceptional achievement.  To learn what I’ve learned from the great teachers – the wisdom and timeless lessons.  To attend to this university is a lifetime education where you don't just graduate, but you are invited to return as often as you want. I challenge you as you take your journey.  And I welcome you to the world of exceptional achievement.

           Og Mandino says, “History is filled with stories of individuals who dated a new era in their living from reading of a single book.  May your name eventually be added to that impressive and splendid list.”  My name is already on that list.  I hope your name would be written, too.  Indeed, I am proud to be a graduate of this university – The “University of Success.”

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