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    What your liver wants to tell you – Part Two

    What your liver wants to tell you – Part Two

    Continued from Part One

    What else do I manufacture?

    Besides bile and glycogen, I also produce:

    * Albumin, which is the most important protein of all the plasma proteins. Its role is to maintain the proper of liquid in the vascular area to maintain sufficient blood pressure.

    It’s also a carrier of fat-soluble substances. When there is an albumin shortage, water seeps out of your vessels and participates in the formation of lower limb edema, or the fluid called “ascites” in your abdomen.

    It transports thyroid hormones, free fatty acids, fat soluble hormones, bilirubin, and essential minerals such as calcium.

    Don’t forget that albumin also transports medications and drugs. So, if you abuse those, you intoxicate as well.

    Now that you know this, I hope that I can count on you to take fewer unnecessary antibiotics, uppers, downers, sleeping pills, painkillers, anxiolytics, and antidepressants. And don’t forget the assorted artificial hormones brought on by contraception pills or hormone replacement therapy (HRT), all of which you can become dependent. Oh, I almost forgot, more anti-hormones taken when the cancer gets to you.

    The excessive consumption of early contraception pills for girls, and increasingly later on during menopause are the main reason for the epidemic of breast cancer. A social plague that is not about to disappear given the advertising power of hormones manufacturers.

    I, your liver, suffer from these excess hormones. I can’t expel all of them. I makes me sick often, but very few women know these excess hormones have on me. Later on, I will tell you more the negative consequences.

    Let’s face it. Most women are deceived by pharmaceutical companies, with all these supposedly helpful treatments. They lead you to believe there is no other alternatives to withstand the evils of civilization: stress, various pollutions, chemical contraceptives or HRT you who transform into a “hormonal female”.

    * Coagulation proteins: I am the only one in your body to give you this benefit. There procoagulant proteins which promote blood clotting and anticoagulant proteins that prevent excessive blood clotting. So there is a need for necessary balance.

    I especially synthesize procoagulant proteins (prothrombin, proaccelerin, proconvertine and antihemophilic factors). In case of liver failure – cirrhosis for example – there can be a coagulation deficiency, bleeding can happen and difficult to stop.

    * Transferrin transports iron in your blood and ferritin stores it in me, thereby adjusting the gastrointestinal absorption of iron.

    * Ceruloplasmin transports copper.

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