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    Smart tips for remodeling your Bathroom and Kitchen


    Bathroom Remodeling

    The two most difficult rooms to remodel in your house are Bathroom and a Kitchen. Here in this article, you will get to know a lot of tips for Bathroom And Kitchen Remodeling.

    One of the most expensive rooms to renovate in a house is the bathroom. Adding a new bath tub, walk in showers, and double sinks etc will always enhance its quality. In turn, this enhanced quality translates into added comfort, and increased overall value of a home. So, read ahead and find out more how to smartly renovate and remodel your bathrooms.

    When you are ready to initiate the renovating process for your bathroom, it is important to keep latest trends in mind. Factors such as availability of space, needs of the family, number of family member who will use the bathroom and your budget will eventually determine how a bathroom remodeling will progress. To help in you in this endeavor, here are 5 smart tips for remodeling your bathroom.

    Bathroom layout

    Planning the layout of the bathroom is not an easy task. One has to balance what the house inmates want to have and what will impact a house’s overall monitory value. The most important factor of course remains the first one that of considering what the house inmates want. If several people are going to use the washroom simultaneously in the mornings, it is useful to have a separate toilet and shower area. If they are fond of baths, having a walk in shower will be enjoyed by all.

    Creating storage space

    Increasing bathroom vanities demand more space on the bathroom shelves today, but the scarcity of space makes accommodating them difficult. The best storage space can be created by adding more shelves, wall mounted cabinets and drawers. Always create some extra storage space for no one knows what will the future demand from it.

    Materials to be used in a bathroom

    Be it the floor of a bathroom, sinks, cabinets or other accessories in a bathroom, they all need to be selected carefully. For example, the tiles you choose meet all your requirements. So while mosaic tiles are the most popular for showers, grout stone can be slightly challenging to clean and so on and so forth. Also, more and more people now prefer having colorful bathrooms. Gone are the days of the whites, today most of them seek to have anything from the sober browns to the funky reds and pinks.


    Kitchen Remodeling

    Kitchen forms the most important part of any house. It’s the place where you cook your food. So, it should offer you a comfortable standing space to accomplish your daily kitchen chores easily. But, not everyone is fortunate enough to own a spacious kitchen. However, it’s not an end to the road as you can easily employ some sneaky ways to enhance your kitchen space. Let’s know how.

    A Small Appliance Garage

    A small appliance garage can be set up on the top of the cabinet previously installed in the kitchen. Your oven, toaster and coffeemaker can easily find a place in it. Also, you can easily access them when required. It will save a lot of space in your kitchen.

    Elevated Roof and Extra Shelf

    For those ready to invest just a few bucks to push up the kitchen roof by a few inches so as to add in one more shelf can also benefit greatly. An extra shelf can store many kitchen accessories and food items. You can easily park a small ladder to access those items.

    Carve Out a Storage Area

    Instead of carving out a wooden cabinet on the walls that ultimately eat up the kitchen space, try to carve in a storage space through the wall into the other room. It just requires minor re-modeling.

    Call in professionals


    No matter how much the internet and magazine articles tell you about DIY remodeling projects, there is a reason why professional plumbers and electricians are required for the implementation of the remodeling. This is because you would never know where the water pipes are to be placed and how, and if the wire cables need to be replaced how you would do it on your own? Calling professionals like My Kitchen and Bath will only save you more time and money on your renovation and the end result too will be fine and superior.

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