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    Posted July 6, 2015 by
    Modesto, California
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    Its Time To Be Honest About The Confederate Flag


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     Hashim Khader disapproves of the Confederate Flag, but believes in people's constitutional right to fly the flag if they so choose. His main goal is to make people aware of the history associated with the flag.

    "My position is banning anything, especially something as embraceable as a flag, becomes counter-productive in reaching an objective of reducing the popularity in the flag," Khader said.
    - Alyssa Jackson, CNN iReport producer

    A few friends have asked me to weigh in on the discussion of the Confederate flag being flown in the United States of America. If your view differs, or if you even agree, I welcome you to debate your viewpoint. I feel the Confederate flag literally stood for the southern state’s desire to keep human beings as property. In effect this flag is the antithesis of the land of the free. The flag stands for a way of life that subordinated the value of an entire group of people because of the color of their skin. No matter how you water down the meaning, the reality is this flag represents the evil in society that sat aside while people were literally traded like animals, sexually abused, forced to bear children, and killed at the whim of a man who called himself master.

    This is not a condemnation of the individuals who fought and lost their lives in the American Civil War, simply a response to those who support flying the Confederate flag today. People have always fought in conflicts that they couldn't control. What must change is the perception of what the flag means today. 150 years after the changes to our very constitution that made Blacks citizens, flying this flag literally stands against their right to vote, have children, own property, or even determine who they want to marry. If you want to defend this under Southern Pride, what does this flag signify that the American flag does not? An attempt at independence that was quashed by the Federal government? Should the U.S. fly the British flag in any capacity? The French? The Nazi?

    If you still want to fly the Confederate flag, sure go ahead, either you don't care or don't understand the legacy this it represents. Either way you have a right to fly whatever flag you like, yet know those that did so 150 years ago fought for the right to own other human beings. If that is alright with you, well have fun flying the Stars and Bars.

    Thanks for your time.
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