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    Celebrities, advocates and a doctor join #BringJoseeHome movement

    When New York City's embattled child welfare agency, Administration for Children's Services (ACS) made the questionable decision to remove her child, domestic violence victim and mother of one took action. "I knew that the call to the hotline was done with malicious intent and falsely filed. I knew that family court is an unfair place where parents rarely get due process, I also knew that if I told our story to the public, they would help me get my child back and clear my name," said Josee's mom. Since that time, she has worked nearly non-stop making calls, writing letters, doing interviews and trying to visit with her child as much as possible and to bring awareness to the unfair removal of her child. In the process, she founded an organization called FalselyAccusedMoms.com which is now credited with being on track to be the nation's only INNOCENCE PROJECT rescuing children of falsely accusd moms from wrongly being placd into foster care. That's when the battle of her life began. ACS began to fight her not because they thought she was a bad mother. Court transcripts have the caseworker testifying that "She's a good mom" and even the judge put in writing, that the mother and child's relationship "is very loving...I want the child and the mother to see each other as much and as often as possible." Unfortunately, ACS rarely listens to judges. With a $3 billion budget, ACS doesn't have to be bothered with judge's opinions or backlash. In just about every trial, nearly everyone (except the parent accusd) receives some form of funding from ACS. It's not at all a fair fight.But now Josee and her mom's story has gone viral. News outlets like Associated Press, Miami Herald, El Dario, Seattle Times, NY Observer and Amsterdam News interviewed her, published her photo holding the sign that read "Black Kids Matter" on one sid and "Bring Josee Home" on the other.Josee's mom says she's glad that she participated in the official press conference announcing that NYC Public Advocate Letita James and others were filing a class action lawsuit against NYC's Administration for Children's Services (ACS) for allowing kids to stay in care for two long. Josee has been held for nearly half her life on an allegation of a messy house. There was not effort by ACS to offer the mother preventative services like housekeeping and the mother moved from the apartment to an agency approved apartment but ACS still kept Josee illegally.Celebrities including the cast of ABC's hit TV show, Black*ish, even recorded video messages to Josee to encourage her to stay strong, dream big and know that she's changing the lives of others with her story."The cast of Black*ish didn't have to do that but they did."I'm so very touched by their words of encouragement to my child. Josee is such an amazing, dynamic child. She is the youngest member in the history of the NAACP. I bought her membership when she was just 5 months old. She has photos with her and MLK, III, Ben Jealous, Kwesi Mfume, Rev. Jesse Jackson and others. It's like I gave birth to a civil rights baby. From the time she took her first breath she's been fighting just to live her life. "Now ACS is trying to steal my child. Trying to illegally have my child adopted without giving me due process or even notifying the child's father. They've held six hearings over the past two months and refused to let anyone but them be present. It's scary how easily they have been able to get away with harming my child. They've stolen her childhood but thankfully the class action lawsuit that was filed on July 8, 2015 - one of three that will be filed this year by various organizations - is helping to expose ACS for its decades of family court corruption. "I wish Josee didn't have to go through this but I tell her when I'm able to talk with her: "This is NOT the end of us. This is the beginning.' We're going to change our lives but also other people's lives with our story, but I cannot wait for this nightmare to be over. It's been like one big, long day. I love her so that's why I fight every single day from dawn to dawn for her story to be told," said Josee's mom who is a reporter and parent advocate.
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